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  1. Finally some good weather in Louisville KY.  Here are some birds that I'd like some help / confirmation on:

    1) Is this a Nashville Warbler?  If so it would be a first for me.  Saw this today in Louisville KY.


    2) Pine Warbler?  Saw this today in Louisville, KY.


    3) Swanson's Warbler is what I thought in the field.  If so this would be a first for me.  


    4) Same as above?  Immature Yellow-Rumped Warbler?  Saw this on the same day a few minutes before the bird above.



    5) I'm not sure about this either.  I saw this today.  Maybe the same as above also?




  2. I finally got to take a day off work Friday.  Instead of relaxing I got up at 6:00 AM grabbed a coffee and went to the park for 8 miles of hiking and bird watching.  After picking up this hobby 5-6 years ago I think I am now hooked.  Below are some birds that I was torn on.  All photos were taken in Jefferson County KY two days ago on the 27th.  Thanks!

    1) Red-eyed Vireo?  This would be a lifer for me.


    Unidentifiable Warbler?  I never did get a good look at this little guy through the binoculars, and this is the best photo I got (he would not sit still).  I had no idea in the field and I'm not sure the photo is good enough to get an ID on it.  


    3) Orange Crown Warbler or Imature / Female Common Yellowthroat?  Or something else?  

    Immature Common YellowthroatCommon Yellowthroat



  3. I saw this today in Louisville, KY.  It was cloudy and I did not have the aperture on the best setting for the lighting.  I did see it more clearly through the binoculars.  It was on chest and head and had two wing bars.  I was thinking pine warbler but I'm not 100%. Are the images good enough for someone to ID?



  4. Please help / confirm some IDs from this summer.  Thanks!

    Gull Billed Tern?  Is saw this bird on a beach near Hampton VA in June 2018.


    Willow Flycatcher?  I saw this bird in Portland TN in May 2018.


    I saw this bird in Aruba (I realize that is technically part of South America but I believe this is a warbler common in North America) in July 2018.  It the time I ID this as a Palm Warbler but am now thinking a Yellow Warbler.  


    Also Aruba in July 2018.  Reddish Egret?  I didn't get a great look and the picture quality is bad.  Reddish is what I thought at the time.


    Last one.  This was taken in July 2018 in Chicago IL.  Not sure about this.  I feel like I should know it but have not been about to ID it.




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