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  1. 1).some sort of Juvy Grebe??? 2)Was stuck on barn then went to Cave, Bird was on the edge of Forest no where near the tree & barn swallows by the water??? 3). Common Yellowthroat??? 1a) The Same as #1 4). Hmmm
  2. Both Birds were seen at Corn Creek First week of May. Not very good shots but please give me your best guess. Thanks so much! first three Pics all of same Bird. 4th Pic is the second bird 1). 2).
  3. Could you please tell me How do I delete photos from the old posts?
  4. These were taken a few weeks back at Calico Basin in the Red-Rock Mountains outside of las Vegas. I thought it was an Olive-Sided Flycatcher but saw no other reports, Anyone want to chime in??? Thanks in advance for your chiming in!!!!
  5. That sounds good and right for were I was at. Thanks
  6. 1) Thinking Bells Vireo,,,,or is it a Flycatcher?? 2). Warbling Vireo??
  7. Thanks all for the assists. Guess I have to get back down there to find those other warblers!!!
  8. I have a few more Pics but no better ones, I just blew up the same....maybe it will help
  9. After a week of deciphering over 500 pics from my day at Montrose Harbor (The Magic Bush) I came up with over 55 different birds with at least 7 lifers. These are what's left that I could not be sure of. Plea help out if you can. The Yellow vs Blue-winged vs Tenn are so hard. Also a few Flycatchers I was unsure of as well as a few others. Thanks for your help. I learn something new eveyday!!!! 1).Least??? 2). ??? 3).??? 3). 4). ??? 4). 5). 5). 6). 6). 7). 7). 8). 9). 9). 10).Blue-Winged??? 11). 12). 13). 13
  10. most of these are new to me and Lifers but believe I have identified correctly, Please let me know if I am correct? Thanks 1).Alder/Willow Flycatcher? 1 2).blue Gray Gnacatcher? 3).Clay Colored Sparrow 4).Common Yellowthroat? 5). Hooded Warbler? 6).Magnolia Warbler 7). Palm Warbler 8). Scarlett Tanager 9). Veery 9). 10). White-Crowned Sparrow? 11). White-Throated Sparrow? 12). Wilsons Warbler? 13). Yellow Warbler?? 14). Yellow-Rumped Warbler 14). 15) American Redstart??
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