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  1. Seen In Patagonia Arizona in early November. Thinking Bewicks or Marsh...Help me Please????
  2. just North of Chicago Today 1), White-Throated? 2). ???Thought Song but that center patch is giving me hesitation
  3. Saw this today at Ryerson In Northern IL....
  4. I was told when in Patagonia that this would be a very difficult bird to find...and was told when I showed Pics to a few down there that it was a Rofous-crowned, Not a Rufous -Winged. However, in my own research I saw that in the "Birds of Southwestern Arizona" Guide by Richard Cachor Taylor, it clearly states that the Rofous-winged has a "Double black whiskers and a rofous shoulder patch. Pretty sure I got this one but want to check with you experts. Thanks so much!!!!!
  5. This was taken last week in Patagonia, AZ. I initially put it down as a House Finch, but looking closer, the black bill says Red Crossbill...But I cannot see the tip of the bill to confirm. Am I just being hopeful or did I get lucky here
  6. Please confirm 3 lifers from my trip to Patagonia AZ last week. Thanks! 1)Violet Crowned Hummer 2). Broad-billed Hummer 3). Albert's Towhee?
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