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  1. I was thinking #1 was a Yellowlegs maybe and #2 a Least Sandpiper??? PLease advise...Thanks
  2. This photo was taken in May in Henderson. I was thinking Anna's all the way but the curve of the bill has me second guessing myself.
  3. Pic taken in Ormund Beach a few weeks back. I was thinking Forsters for the one on the left but now the one in the front right has me confused. Please assist, Thanks
  4. woohoo...Thanks, Just happy to be getting better with these Little warblers....
  5. Tough Pic but I was thinking Northern Parula...???Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  6. Seen last week at Montrose Point Chicago. I was thinking immature American Redstart, But honestly, I always overthink the warblers. Please help, thanks!!!
  7. Seen In Patagonia Arizona in early November. Thinking Bewicks or Marsh...Help me Please????
  8. just North of Chicago Today 1), White-Throated? 2). ???Thought Song but that center patch is giving me hesitation
  9. Saw this today at Ryerson In Northern IL....
  10. I was told when in Patagonia that this would be a very difficult bird to find...and was told when I showed Pics to a few down there that it was a Rofous-crowned, Not a Rufous -Winged. However, in my own research I saw that in the "Birds of Southwestern Arizona" Guide by Richard Cachor Taylor, it clearly states that the Rofous-winged has a "Double black whiskers and a rofous shoulder patch. Pretty sure I got this one but want to check with you experts. Thanks so much!!!!!
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