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  1. This was taken last week in Patagonia, AZ. I initially put it down as a House Finch, but looking closer, the black bill says Red Crossbill...But I cannot see the tip of the bill to confirm. Am I just being hopeful or did I get lucky here
  2. Please confirm 3 lifers from my trip to Patagonia AZ last week. Thanks! 1)Violet Crowned Hummer 2). Broad-billed Hummer 3). Albert's Towhee?
  3. 1). ???Maybe a Palm??? 2). ??/maybe an Orange 3)??Palm again??? .
  4. all taken in St Kitts at the Cockleshell ponds September 5th 2019 1). Whimbrel 2). Semi Palmeted Plover? 3). Semi-Palmeted Plover 4). White-Rumped 5). White-Rumped? 6). ??? 7). ??? 8). White-Cheeked Pintail?
  5. I think I have these three but want to check with all you experts 1). Swainson's Thrush?? 2). Swainson's Thrush #3). Wood Thrush? 4). Orange -Crowned Warbler? Really unsure about this one
  6. I cannot quite place this one. Please assist. Thanmks
  7. 1).some sort of Juvy Grebe??? 2)Was stuck on barn then went to Cave, Bird was on the edge of Forest no where near the tree & barn swallows by the water??? 3). Common Yellowthroat??? 1a) The Same as #1 4). Hmmm
  8. Both Birds were seen at Corn Creek First week of May. Not very good shots but please give me your best guess. Thanks so much! first three Pics all of same Bird. 4th Pic is the second bird 1). 2).
  9. Could you please tell me How do I delete photos from the old posts?
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