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  1. These were taken a few weeks back at Calico Basin in the Red-Rock Mountains outside of las Vegas. I thought it was an Olive-Sided Flycatcher but saw no other reports, Anyone want to chime in??? Thanks in advance for your chiming in!!!!
  2. That sounds good and right for were I was at. Thanks
  3. 1) Thinking Bells Vireo,,,,or is it a Flycatcher?? 2). Warbling Vireo??
  4. Thanks all for the assists. Guess I have to get back down there to find those other warblers!!!
  5. I have a few more Pics but no better ones, I just blew up the same....maybe it will help
  6. After a week of deciphering over 500 pics from my day at Montrose Harbor (The Magic Bush) I came up with over 55 different birds with at least 7 lifers. These are what's left that I could not be sure of. Plea help out if you can. The Yellow vs Blue-winged vs Tenn are so hard. Also a few Flycatchers I was unsure of as well as a few others. Thanks for your help. I learn something new eveyday!!!! 1).Least??? 2). ??? 3).??? 3). 4). ??? 4). 5). 5). 6). 6). 7). 7). 8). 9). 9). 10).Blue-Winged??? 11). 12). 13). 13
  7. most of these are new to me and Lifers but believe I have identified correctly, Please let me know if I am correct? Thanks 1).Alder/Willow Flycatcher? 1 2).blue Gray Gnacatcher? 3).Clay Colored Sparrow 4).Common Yellowthroat? 5). Hooded Warbler? 6).Magnolia Warbler 7). Palm Warbler 8). Scarlett Tanager 9). Veery 9). 10). White-Crowned Sparrow? 11). White-Throated Sparrow? 12). Wilsons Warbler? 13). Yellow Warbler?? 14). Yellow-Rumped Warbler 14). 15) American Redstart??
  8. These were taken at the Wetlands outside of Vegas 2 weeks ago. I was thinking ash-Throated or even Brown-crested but the Bill seems to think and large. maybe a type of Kingbird??? No, Maybe Brown-crested? Hmmm Cannot decide. Help…..
  9. agreed, but was also thinking Marsh...but hoping for Bewick's
  10. photo was taken at Henderson Bird preservation area 5//1/19, I was thinking willet but one has not been documented since summer, considering the large amounts of birders here, thinking maybe I missed and is a Yellowlegs, Please advise???
  11. Double wing Bar says Field yet the Red Head Line says American Tree. Also the slight white eye ring says Field but I am still thinking American Tree......Or am I am missing something completely???
  12. Thanks...was not expecting Warblers yet, guess the Yellow-rumped show up first
  13. ' Chicago, Montrose Harbor 4/10/19 1). Hermit Thrush? 2). Song Sparrow? 3). White-Crowned Sparrow? 4). Hmmmm????
  14. 1) Was hoping Seaside Sparrow but now thinking Savannah Sparrow 2). Not good with Peeps??? 3). Ditto
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