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  1. Here's another of the first bird:
  2. Mid-Michigan today. Two different birds. Thanks.
  3. Mew would be pretty rare here. Is there anything that rules out the usual Ring-billed and Herring for sure?
  4. It was flying with this gull if that helps...
  5. Maybe a Lesser Black-backed? Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  6. Gray-cheeked maybe? Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  7. I also couldn't get any sound at first, but it looks like the video defaults to sound off (at least on my computer). I had to click the sound button on the lower right to turn the sound on. Not sure if that helps.
  8. Caspian? Same bird in both photos. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  9. Okay thanks. I initially thought it was a grackle because it made rusty hinge sounds, but only noticed the thin bill when I was going through my photos.
  10. Is this a Rusty? Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  11. Mid-Michigan today. Same two birds in both photos. Thanks.
  12. Thanks. Yea I got excited by the bill and then the tail didn't look like a diamond.
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