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  1. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. Broad-winged? Merlin? Meadowlark maybe? Flight was quick wing flap or two, then some gliding.
  2. Mid-MIchigan today. Thanks. Red-winged Blackbird? Blurry Hooded Merganser maybe?
  3. Thanks. These were taken about five minutes apart, but I was pretty sure it was the same bird. To me, the bill in both pictures aren't much longer than the head so I initially submitted to eBird as a Lesser.
  4. Same bird in both. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  5. Here's another picture in case it helps.
  6. None reported at this location recently that I know of. I've had them here the last few years but those were nice enough to hang out closer to the overlook.
  7. I went back to try to get better pictures. Not sure these really help
  8. Mid-Michigan today. Stubby bill and short neck through the scope with slight white neck ring. Could only get these poor pictures (Lesser Scaup and maybe Bufflehead around it). I wasn' t sure if it is too big compared to the diving ducks to be a Cackling. Thanks.
  9. Not sure these are IDable. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  10. Mid-Michigan today. Not sure if this counts as the white stripe extending to the primaries. Thanks.
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