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  1. Mid-Michigan today. Stubby bill and short neck through the scope with slight white neck ring. Could only get these poor pictures (Lesser Scaup and maybe Bufflehead around it). I wasn' t sure if it is too big compared to the diving ducks to be a Cackling. Thanks.
  2. Not sure these are IDable. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  3. Mid-Michigan today. Not sure if this counts as the white stripe extending to the primaries. Thanks.
  4. At 13 seconds and 27 seconds. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. 20210307-111415.wav
  5. Mid-Michigan today. The larger blackbirds are Red-winged I believe. Are the two smaller and lighter ones cowbirds? Thanks.
  6. Here's a shot of them flying away. Some of the wings in this looked like the white inner wing/black outer tips which made me think bunting. Apologies for all the terrible flyover pictures lately, but I just realized recently that I should be looking up more...
  7. Terrible pics but I wasn't sure if the tail pattern was diagnostic. Same bird in both. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  8. Mid-Michigan today. All the birds below from the same flyover. Thanks.
  9. Mid-Michigan today. Same bird in both. Thanks. https://imgur.com/mhuBInz https://imgur.com/ISYbrPp
  10. Streaky flyover...Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. https://imgur.com/5wx4GF1 https://imgur.com/8aR2Dj9
  11. Mid-Michigan today. Same bird in both. Thanks. https://imgur.com/Vn7xwAj https://imgur.com/r4b53RR
  12. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. https://imgur.com/ckP1Qhh https://imgur.com/B3BGY3Y
  13. I think these are the same birds in all three pictures. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. https://imgur.com/Jku7ibd https://imgur.com/3gk4yjC https://imgur.com/FIa3QWC
  14. Mid-Michigan today. I think it's the same bird in both pictures. Thanks. https://imgur.com/yEqkOEu https://imgur.com/IYhHKPM I'm used to pasting the BBCode for my pictures to imbed in the post but it doesn't seem to be working...
  15. Mid-Michigan today. It's the repeating cheer sound in the background (American Goldfinch is the loudest sound). Thanks. Nov 7th.wav
  16. Thanks, just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything.
  17. The pictures in the original post aren't showing up for me, so below are the links: https://imgur.com/hhmL7hv https://imgur.com/55Y2Ow4 https://imgur.com/ef7GsmG
  18. Mid-Michigan today. They were flying away from me and seemed to be medium sized birds. I couldn't see any IDable features from the pictures...thanks. [img]https://i.imgur.com/dS5nVLH.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/W0giKnU.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/viblt98.jpg[/img]
  19. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. Pine Warbler? Dark bird and it seemed to have a reddish brown outline on it's black/dark wing feathers but wasn't able to get a good shot:
  20. The bird in the far right. The other birds were starlings. Mid-Michigan yesterday. Thanks.
  21. Sounds like a spring peeper? Seems to have come from a pine tree but I didn't see anything. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. New Recording 22.m4a
  22. Mid-Michigan today. It was making quick "tee-tee-tee" calls. Thanks.
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