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  1. Swainson's? Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  2. Mid-Michigan today. Same bird in both pics. Thanks.
  3. Mid-Michigan today. Same bird in both pics. Thanks.
  4. Mid-Michigan today. Two different birds. Thanks.
  5. Mew would be pretty rare here. Is there anything that rules out the usual Ring-billed and Herring for sure?
  6. It was flying with this gull if that helps...
  7. Maybe a Lesser Black-backed? Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  8. Gray-cheeked maybe? Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  9. I also couldn't get any sound at first, but it looks like the video defaults to sound off (at least on my computer). I had to click the sound button on the lower right to turn the sound on. Not sure if that helps.
  10. Caspian? Same bird in both photos. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  11. Okay thanks. I initially thought it was a grackle because it made rusty hinge sounds, but only noticed the thin bill when I was going through my photos.
  12. Is this a Rusty? Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  13. Mid-Michigan today. Same two birds in both photos. Thanks.
  14. Thanks. Yea I got excited by the bill and then the tail didn't look like a diamond.
  15. Mid-Michigan today. Same bird in both. Thanks.
  16. Here's a louder version if that helps with a little bit of the wind/Red-winged Blackbirds filtered out. I stood around there for about thirty minutes but couldn't see it. It would call maybe every five minutes or so. April 10 (amp).wav
  17. Mid-Michigan today. Heard in a wetlands. It's the clicking in the background (very beginning of clip and again around 5 seconds). I wasn't sure if blackbirds could make clicks like that or if it was definitely Virginia Rail (would be a lifer). Thanks. April 10.m4a
  18. Thanks. I didn't know if the amount of gray on the head and neck would differentiate between Tundra and Trumpeter this time of year.
  19. Mid-Michigan today. Was going to report this as Trumpeter/Tundra but thought I would try here first. Thanks.
  20. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. Is this a Mallard x Black Duck hybrid? Is this also a hybrid of some sort or do they get these light facial markings?
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