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  1. Thanks. The head shape descriptions are also very helpful.
  2. Here's a second photo of the same group where you can see the female's eye. Not sure if that helps.
  3. Mid-Michigan today. Would Canvasback have whiter flanks? Thanks.
  4. Mid-Michigan today. Saw the all black rear through the scope and thought Gadwall, but when entering it into eBird it showed up as rare (maybe a little early). Unfortunately, this was the only picture I could find. I am on a roll with the terrible pics.
  5. Mid-Michigan today. Looked smaller with short necks with stubby bills through the scope, but since I get these wrong a lot, I was hoping these pictures could confirm (or not). They are the same four on the right side crossing the ice. Thanks.
  6. There were Greater Scaup around so that makes sense. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. Forgot to mention that they were flying to the left (since that may not be obvious in the terrible photos). When I zoomed in, I thought I saw dark heads but who knows. Just thought I'd give it a shot here before deleting them.
  8. Mid-Michigan today. Maybe not IDable. Scaup maybe? Thanks.
  9. Mid-Michigan today. Maybe not IDable. Thanks.
  10. Mid-Michigan a few days ago. Looked smaller through the scope but the Canada were close by for easy comparison. Same two birds in the center of the photos. I tried to include some of the Mallards and Canadas in the background for scale. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions. House Sparrow and White-throated Sparrow were around so that makes the most sense.
  12. Mid-Michigan yesterday. It was with a group of cardinals. In the field, it was similar in size to the cardinals (maybe a little smaller). It looked like it had wing bars so I tried to get a picture; however, it was much "jumpier" than the cardinals and wouldn't sit still. It also seemed to hold it's tail upright often. Unfortunately, I only managed one dark shot. Thanks.
  13. Same bird in both shots. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  14. Same bird in all three shots. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  15. Two separate individuals. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. Bird #1 Bird #2
  16. Mid-Michigan today. Seems to have short primary projection and yellowish color on the body. Thanks.
  17. I'm pretty sure when I reviewed all my photos, all Pelagic possibilities were definitely Brandt's. It was surprising how in one shot they can look so dark and slim, and in the next it was obviously a Brandt's.
  18. Thanks. I had some trouble IDing the darker Brandt's vs. Pelagic, which I've never seen before.
  19. This past weekend. Thanks. Laguna Beach. Allen's? La Jolla Cormorants...
  20. Couple more shots of the third one. Is this a Willet?
  21. Thanks. Would the two in the top center with heads down also be Elegant?
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