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  1. Southern California this past weekend. Thanks. Forster's? Least? Reddish Egret? Based on eBird, I think most of these are Elegant...the one in the upper right seems to have a larger bill, but I'm not sure if that's just normal variance in Elegants.
  2. Thanks. Missed the tear-drop eye ring on the last one.
  3. Playa Vista Riparian Corridor in Los Angeles this past weekend. Thanks. House Finch? Warbling Vireo? Orange-crowned Warbler? Townsend's Warbler? Mourning Dove? Western Gull? Hammond's/Dusky?
  4. Thanks. Don't know my western birds at all. Couple more shots but they are similar. I didn't get a very close look, but it looked relatively large for a flycatcher (if that's what it is).
  5. Playa Vista Riparian Corridor in Los Angeles this past weekend. Thanks. Cliff Swallow? California Towhee? Vaux's Swift? Ash-throated Flycatcher? Also Ash-throated Flycatcher? Flycatcher?
  6. Playa Vista Riparian Corridor in Los Angeles this past weekend. Thanks. Anna's for #1-3? Allen's?
  7. Thanks. Is Hudsonian out of range for California? Any particular reason for Long-billed?
  8. This weekend at Bolsa Chica by Los Angeles, CA. Thanks. Black-bellied Plovers? Marbled Godwits? Willet? Dowitchers?
  9. Thanks! Any particular reason why? I think I was read somewhere that a Rusty would have a bigger bill?
  10. Mid-Michigan yesterday. Same bird in all pictures. Not sure how to tell it apart from Brewer's. Thanks.
  11. Mid-Michigan today. Same birds in both pictures. Thanks.
  12. Mid-Michigan today. Swallow-type bird that looked dark throughout. Thanks.
  13. Whiting Overlook in Midland. We had a Ross's at the same location about a week ago, but four seems like a lot for here.
  14. Same bird in all the photos. Mid-Michigan today. The bills looked slightly bigger in one of the flight shots, but overall the bills looked pretty small. The birds also looked relatively small compared to the Canada Geese in the background. Thanks.
  15. Are these all Bald? Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  16. Same bird in both. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  17. Unfortunately no vocalizations. Only the sound of wing beats. I left it as Trumpeter/Tundra on eBird.
  18. Is there a way to tell them apart in flight? Mid-Michigan yesterday. Thanks.
  19. I saw a few Pewee's so that make sense. I think the 'Calls' recording (third one) on the All About Birds site match it pretty well. I only knew their longer pee-a-wee call, so I must have recorded this one not knowing better.
  20. The calls are at 4 and 11 seconds of the recording. Mid-Michigan in August. Thanks. August 2018.m4a
  21. Not sure if this is IDable. Same bird in all the shots. Mid-MIchigan today. Thanks.
  22. Didn't notice these birds among the hundreds of Canada until I looked at my photos afterwards. I know that different angles can make Canada look smaller and there are smaller Canada, but are these good enough to call Cackling? Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. Less cropped - they are in the upper right
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