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  1. Thanks. Is protocol to list on eBird as the Oregon sub-species or just lumping it together as Dark-eyed?
  2. We usually just see Slate(?) here. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  3. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. Great Black-backed? Looks bigger than the Herring in front of it. Is the juvenile gull in the middle a Herring? Same in both shots. The preening gull in the middle (same in both shots). Just looked lighter than the others when I was going through my pictures.
  4. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. Golden Eagle? Cooper's?
  5. Is the dark gull in the middle a Herring? Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  6. Northern Pennsylvania by New Jersey border today. I was on I-80 when I saw a raptor soaring overhead. Only got a few glances, but I noticed it had two white triangles on the trailing edge of an otherwise dark underwing. Below is a crude drawing just to show the placement of the triangles. Not sure if this is diagnostic of any bird. Thanks.
  7. Are these all Dunlin? Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  8. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. 1. Same one in both. 2. Two more: 3. One of each?
  9. Thanks. So when looking at the orange color, Blackpoll have orange legs and feet but other warblers may have orange soles/bottom of feet? Also, would a Pine also have an all-black bill or does that vary by individual?
  10. Same bird in both. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  11. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. 1. Next two are Bird #1. I think I see a hint of red on the tail? 2. Bird #2.
  12. Mid-Michigan today. Quick flyover that I thought was a Mourning Dove. Lightened the pictures as much as I could. Thanks.
  13. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. Orange-crowned? Same in both I think. Yellowlegs? Greater?
  14. These may have been the same bird. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  15. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. Two Wilson's Snipe? Same bird. Lots of tail wagging. Palm?
  16. Mid-Michigan today. Two Swamp and a Song? Thanks.
  17. Thanks. Here are a couple more shots on #2. Not sure if these help. Unfortunately I couldn't get any of the wings.
  18. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. 1. Black-throated Blue? 2. Pine? 3. Northern Parula? 4. Scarlet Tanager?
  19. Mid-Michigan today. Finch or sparrow? Thanks.
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