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  1. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. 1. Greater Yellowlegs? 2. Spotted Sandpiper? Same bird in all three
  2. Thanks. Saw Parula and Blackpoll as well so that makes sense.
  3. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. 1. Lincoln's? 2. Bay-breasted? 3. A vireo? 4. Not sure
  4. Tern from Evanston, IL a few days ago. Is this a Forster/Common? Thanks.
  5. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. Blue-winged Teal? Green-winged Teal? Blackpoll? Blackpoll again? Red-tailed Hawk?
  6. Greater Yellowlegs? Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  7. Both seen yesterday around Ft. Lauderdale. Saw an all white ibis (except the facial skin). Would this be a White Ibis? Just making sure that there isn't another all white ibis that I could be confusing it with. Also, I think I saw an Anhinga in a large pond by the airport. Do cormorants hold out their wings to dry as well? Not sure what else I could have confused it with. Thanks.
  8. A friend sent me this video of a call she had heard while walking her dog. In the mid-Michigan area and I believe it was about a month ago. The video is dark for until the 7sec mark (I failed at clipping to get the file size smaller). Thanks in advance. Video 2.mp4
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