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  1. San Francisco East Bay: Walnut Creek - Lafayette ridge trail, mostly open grass land, Taken 20-Feb-2013, ~5:30PM Small, size of a sparrow, titmouse. Looks to have eye ring, light colored legs. Finch type beak. The crest is what dumfounds me...not an oak titmouse. Thank you.
  2. Thought this was a phoebe until I looked at the pictures. Info on pix: Walnut Creek, CA, (San Francisco East Bay) Man made pond, woodland & grassland in community. Bird was having a Flame Skimmer dragonfly for dinner, taken in evening, June 21, 2018 7 PM Black, fairly long beak, no eyering, whitish underside 2nd photo was lighten quite a bit...both were heavily cropped...only had a 60mm lens with me. Thanks to all the volunteers!!!
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