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  1. Thank you for correcting my ID. I really appreciate your detailed description. It helps me to know what to check when ID birds.
  2. I'd like to confirm that following pictures are: 1. California Towhee 2 and 3: Are both dusky flycatchers? They are found in South Lake Tahoe last week. Thanks in advance.
  3. Bird Brain, no apologies are necessary. Your description about cowbird and dipper are helpful for me. Next time, maybe I will run into a cowbird. It is all about learning. I really appreciate you guys/girls help.
  4. With the new comments about the bills, I kind of agree with akandula. Here is a picture that compares the two species. Thank you all. I learned something today.
  5. Thank you, Bird Brain, for the detailed explanation about this bird. Thank you, Connor Cochrane, for where to find a Dipper in Tahoe area. That really adds more fun to be in Tahoe (I love the place.)
  6. Found this bird walking on the beach last week. What kind of bird is it? (A dipper?) Thanks in advance.
  7. Could it be Crimson-breasted shrike? We couldn't see the wing in this picture, so it is hard to say if it has the white bar on its wing.
  8. Hi, The Bird Nuts, Thank you for your response. It does look like the picture shown on the wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black-headed_gonolek , the eye is dark in that picture. Maybe someone can explain.
  9. This bird was seen near highway during our visit to Uganda in late July. I can't find a match in my book. What bird is it? Thanks!
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