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  1. Photos of a nice hawk I saw just north of Sacramento. I have suspicions but wondering what the experts think. Both photos are different angles of the same bird. Thank you!
  2. Not near the mill. A few hours removed, unfortunately.
  3. Thank you one and all-- and good reminder on the state. This is from Northern California.
  4. Please help me with these ID's. I believe one is a Yellowlegs and the second may be a juvenile Green Heron. Seen in a rice field in Sutter County today. Thanks!!!
  5. I know the identity of the two bigger birds, but would love help on the shorebirds on the left and right. This scene is from the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge in Willows today.
  6. Thank you millipede. This screen grab of my video may help. On second look I think they are the Greater type.
  7. I saw this bird in Yolo County today and believe it's a Lesser Yellowlegs. Would love a confirmation or correction. Second photo is with the same grouping of birds. Not sure if we have mixed species, but would love insight. Appreciate all of the help. Thanks! Jim
  8. I saw this hawk in a rice field in Colusa County today. Doesn't quite feel like a Red-tailed to me. Would love expert opinion here. Thanks!
  9. Thanks--- it didn't look like a Red-tailed to me. Appreciate your insight!
  10. Found this hawk in Butte County today. Not exactly sure of the species. Would love expert ID help. Thank you!!
  11. Thanks so much! We see a lot of Red-tails. Nice to have spotted something different! Appreciate your feedback.
  12. I saw this Hawk at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge in Willows this morning. Slender shape and smaller than many that I see in the valley. My initial thought was a Cooper's Hawk but would love feedback on ID. Thank you!!!
  13. My wife and I are debating which type of Hawk this is- Red-tailed or Red-shouldered. Two photos of the same bird from the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge today. Thanks for your help!! Jim
  14. I saw these at the Cosumnes River Preserve today in Sacramento County. I think it's a male Western Bluebird and a Lesser Goldfinch, but would love to confirm. Thank you!!
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