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  1. Found a lot of variety during my trip to Colusa National Wildlife Refuge yesterday. Here are a few discoveries and would be thankful for helping identifying them properly. Thank you!
  2. Thank you for your help. Just trying to figure out what type of bird this is. Sorry the photo quality isn't the best.
  3. Saw these shorebirds in a rice field in Northern California this morning. I think Dowitchers but would love confirmation/correction. Thank you!
  4. Interesting find in Northern California today. Would love help identifying this bird. Is it semi-leucistic?
  5. Thanks everyone! Saw a second one in better light later in the morning, but it was camera shy
  6. Found this beauty in Northern California today. Thinking Red-shouldered Hawk but hoping someone smarter than me can confirm or correct me. Thank you!
  7. Thanks! The suspected Dowitcher is below the Curlew. It's much larger than the Dunlin.
  8. I think we have a Long-billed Curlew, dunlin and dowitchers but would love expert analysis. Thanks!
  9. Hello- I found this small bird in a pond in Willows today, near what I think were Soras. Would love some ID help. Thanks!!!
  10. Found this beauty in Butte County, CA today. I assume it's a juvenile Bald Eagle, but this area sometimes gets Golden Eagles. Would appreciate the expert analysis. Thank you!
  11. Found these birds at the Colusa National Wildlife Refuge today. I think they are juvenile Snow Geese, but would love to hear from the experts. Thank you!
  12. Saw this Hawk today. I'm thinking perhaps a Dark Morph Red-tailed Hawk, but also thinking possibly a Swainson's Hawk. Would love your expert analysis and thank you!
  13. Photos of a Hawk in Northern California today. Would love to confirm the species. Thanks!!
  14. Found this beauty in rural Colusa County today. I have my suspicions but wanted to ask the experts. Thanks!!
  15. Curious if someone can help me ID what type of Grackle this is. Photograph from Colusa today. Thanks!
  16. Saw this beauty in Glenn County today. I believe this is a Mute Swan but would love confirmation. Thanks!!
  17. Saw this hawk in the Sacramento Valley today and am wondering what it is. Not sure is it's a Red-tailed, Cooper's or another variety. Please help. Thanks!
  18. I found this bird in an almond orchard in Colusa County yesterday. Thinking juvenile Magpie but not certain. Appreciate any help! Thank you! Jim
  19. Thank you one and all for your help- Found several dozen of these shorebirds in Colusa, Northern California today. Please help ID. Many thanks!
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