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  1. Photos taken on April 2, 2019 in Pinole (San Francisco Bay Area), California. Cassin's would be an unusual bird for this area, but compared to a Purple Finch, this bird seems to have a less distinct facial pattern, relatively dark, crisp, and sparse streaking, a longer bill and a STRAIGHT culmen. (House finch would have virtually no facial pattern, more diffuse, browner streaking, and smaller bill with curved culmen.) Thanks in advance, Jack
  2. Observed on 8/20/18 in Pinole, California (near San Francisco). I can't decide on this one. Thanks in advance, Jack
  3. Observed on 8/17/18 in Pinole, California (near San Francisco). I am not sure it is a Lazuli bunting, but if it is, the streaks on the belly confuse me. Thanks in advance. Jack
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