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  1. Ty guys. The bird obviously needed to get part of whatever it was into its mouth. I'm then assuming the beginning of the digestive process would kill it and make the rest of the job easier. From what I saw, I now think it was too slimy to get a proper beak grip. If the either eel or amphiuma were alive and squirming around, it would have made the job even harder.
  2. Posting my best pic of the day, and asking a question. Is the Juvenile White Ibis holding a long, thick worm, or some kind of oddly shaped fish? In any event, not even sure whether the bird ate the creature, as while I was watching, it seemed like it didn't know what to do with it. It either dropped it a few times, or threw it out of its mouth, and then kept picking it up. Don't remember whether the bird walked out of my viewing range, or I just got bored and didn't wait out the conclusion.
  3. Glad I brought extra batteries with me. 🙂 Actually, I only used one today, but am always comfortable taking lots of shots because I do bring the extras. I salivate when approaching trees like these. I find the local Black Vultures and Turkey Vultures don't mind crowded conditions:
  4. My only ID post today, so I'm either 100% or 0% for my guesses today. Taken this afternoon in Boynton Beach, Florida:
  5. Ty - I'm still dying to know what the heck the birds were talking about. 🙂 Whatever prompted the the change from the "Ah" single call to the faster "Uh uh," as well as the other Fish Crow answering the new calls with a single call, must have all meant something. I'm going to be "birding" for a long time and am sure I'll figure out many of the mysteries.
  6. Can somebody pls watch the vid in my original post and let me know what kind of bird had the triple whistle call? Was it part of this conversation, or completely random that I captured that audio as well.
  7. Ty - I'm gonna to go to sleep with a little anger as I recall the event. I don't remember whether the runners pictured or some bicyclists scared the bird away, but I would have had a perfect shot were it not for them. Scratch the thought. Last year this time, I was living in NYC. Life can be worse. 🙂 Have a good night everyone!
  8. That link is very informative. I see and hear Fish Crows almost every day within large groups in residential parking lots and with those birds, I always get the single "caw." Most of the time on trails, a number of the Fish Crows are sharing the same tree and I've only ever heard the single "caw." The bird in question from my original post was alone in a tree. It did start out with single "caws," but then moved on to double ones. So many articles state how smart crows are, so the different calls must mean different things. I'm "Googling" around for some interpretations - nothing yet.
  9. Contrary to what I've been told here, such as the reply to to my post back in June:
  10. Thanks -I've been getting the Heron's right for weeks now, but messed this one up. Looking at the second pic it's apparent to me now. What bird features on the out of focus, badly lit first pic give the best clues?
  11. I was hoping one of these would be my best pic of the day, but a couple of rude people on the trail ruined the best opportunities. The idiots approaching fast saw the bird on the road, and saw me slowly maneuvering to get the best shot. They proceeded to speed on by and scare the bird off the road. Then, one of them apologized for ruining my shot. I'd prefer they just behave in the first place. I hope birding on my trail doesn't get worse with the cooler weather bringing more human traffic. This is the best I was able to do under the circumstances:
  12. Boat-tailed Grackles usually aren't a big deal to me, but it's always fun to capture birds in the middle of calls.
  13. Ty - I've never seen one without the red mark on the head.
  14. Ty - The odd thing about the call is that I've never heard it doubled like that.
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