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  1. Ty - I'll take a video next time I see these on the trail and hope I catch a call.
  2. Very much appreciate the diligence. I misunderstood the first response. I don't want to be a phony about my life list and and have removed that entry. Here are the rest of the pics I took of that bird and it close companion. Any way to tell whether these are American crows or Fish crows? I have no audio and don't remember hearing any calls that I could have described. Edit - looks like both types are year-round residents of Florida. If it helps with the ID, the birds were in the Everglades, on a levy trail, around 1 mile south of Lee Road.
  3. Yeah! New ID for me. #55 on my life list and the 10th new ID since moving to Florida in January.
  4. Does this help? Just went through my phone and I am 99% sure this is the same bird as the picture has the same minute timestamp and I seem to remember hanging around the same spot to get better pictures of the bird:
  5. Taken Saturday morning in Boynton beach, Florida. Hope I can get an ID from this angle. Not sure how to word a better title:
  6. Taken this afternoon in Boynton Beach, Florida: Most of the Muscovy Ducks here (like this one's friend it was travelling with) are almost all black, but some have this coloring. What's the verdict? Muscovy or Muscovy-Mallard hybrid? Is there a general guideline I can follow to determine which ones are pure Muscovy and which are hybrids?
  7. Taken Sunday morning inside the Wakodahatchee Wetlands Wildlife Sanctuary in Delray Beach, Florida:
  8. Thanks - very easy to get good pictures in protected areas as the birds don't know humans as predators.
  9. Taken this afternoon in the Wakodahatchee Wetlands park in Delray Beach, Florida. Sorry for the vague description, but the pic is clear enough for an ID.
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