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  1. I can find the Egyptian goose in iBird pro, but when I use the functionality to open it in the sister iBird Journal app, nothing comes up - It was something like "undefined species." I tried looking it up in the list, but it wasn't there. To add the entry to my journal, I had to add it as custom. So, I'm probably reporting a bug, unless I did something wrong. I haven't had a new species sighting in a while, but I've always added to iBird Journal like this. Please either report the bug, or explain what I did wrong. Thanks
  2. ID #47 for me! Now that I've moved to Florida, my list is going to grow at a faster rate.
  3. Taken this afternoon in Boynton Beach, Florida. If so, this will be my second new ID in two days! Also, is it unusual for this type of bird to be alone? The other birds in this area are usually in flocks, but this one has been foraging by itself all day. Any way to determine the sex?
  4. Taken this afternoon in Delray Beach. Also, is my understanding correct that without any white, these are pure Mussovys and with some white, they may be Muscovy Mallard hybrids? Alternative link for those having problems with embedded links: https://imgur.com/84f90hT
  5. I saw people in the park violating the posted rules and feeding some of the White ibises, so folks probably feed these as well.
  6. Finally a new ID for me. #46. Many more to go, but I'll be around a while. 🙂
  7. Taken this afternoon in Delray Beach: I haven't had any new IDs in a long time and don 't remember having seen this before, so I hope its's a new one for me.
  8. Also, what is the proper term for this group? A flock? A congregation? Something else? https://i.imgur.com/g5oZiQX.mp4
  9. Thanks - Looks like the forum changed, as imugr embedded links no longer show the picture.
  10. Taken this afternoon in Boynton Beach, Florida: https://imgur.com/maAXl0k
  11. Taken earlier this this morning, in East Hampton, N.Y. I think I'm getting good at this now. Also, do only breeding pairs feed each other in this matter, or could these two just be close friends? Is the feeder a male and the recipient female, or are these roles not always defined? https://imgur.com/kyF29Yf
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