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  1. Not a bad checklist for a mid-afternoon walk in the 86° F sun: https://ebird.org/checklist/S110264825
  2. Ty - I did and saw that Ebird said it was hiding it from all views except my own. Looks like they are just catching up with their database, as the last time I checked while logged in as myself, one of the entries showed up from the hotspot, and another one just showed the county.
  3. I spotted Painted Buntings a number of times earlier in the year, however, Ebird classified the sightings as "sensitive," so I honored their wishes and didn't brag about it on those days, as this could have given away the location based on my checklists for those days. I wasn't too worried about any forum member or anybody else coming across the post showing up to the location and stealing or harassing the birds, but I had to honor the site's wishes.
  4. I'm reposting to fix the link, since I moved the bird into the correct Great Blue Heron media section: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/448652821
  5. The original plan was to take an ocean view walk to get some shorebird lifers, but there was nowhere to park, so I headed to a hotspot I haven't visited in a long time. The timing worked out perfectly as I got my 21st lifer of the year, a Least Bittern. With my reported 350 Wood Storks, this set my record for the most reported birds on a checklist. This place is a shorter walk than the hotspot I normally frequent, but it has a different character and I'll be back. It was a great day! https://ebird.org/checklist/S110070084
  6. Least Bittern, my 21st lifer of the year: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/448505181
  7. I went ahead and reported Duck sp. Probably hard to responsibly report anything more specific.
  8. Lots of Blue-winged Teals in South Florida. I've reported 60 this year. I have seen Muscovy ducklings with that funky head stripe, but not too many Muscovy ducks in these types of preserves, although they are reported. Unlikely they are pure Mallards. I've never seen one in the state. I mostly see Mottled Ducks here, and some Mallard x Mottled hybrids.
  9. Just noticing the birds now. They were in the distance when I was photographing a Cattle Egret. The head patterns make my suspicion come to mind. Taken this afternoon in Delray Beach, Florida:
  10. LIFER! Ty, Can you please describe what features separate this from a Green Heron?
  11. Hoping for Least Bittern, as it would be a lifer. I got excited when a fellow photographer identified this as a Least Bittern. iBird Photo Sleuth agrees with 94% certainty, but Merlin gives Green Heron without other possibilities. Talken this afternoon in Delray Beach, Florida:
  12. Was a good day but didn't get a lot of high-quality photos. The Muscovy duckling population in the area is dwindling, but that's how nature works. A woman on the path told me she saw a RSH take one the other day. The Boat-tailed Grackles were hiding, as I only heard two. It was good to see an Egyptian Goose, as they had disappeared for a while. I have enough great pics of the species and didn't have the energy or care to find where this one disappeared to after I spotted it. Our state bird was out is full-force today, as this is the highest number of Northern Mockingbirds I've reported on a checklist: https://ebird.org/mt/checklist/S109875197
  13. Muscovy Ducklings: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/447905541
  14. Got it - when I enlarge the pics, I can see the things you pointed out. As I get better from experience, I'm asking fewer questions in this ID forum, but I know my limitations and It's good I asked. Interesting that both Merlin and iBird photo sleuth correctly identified the Coopers Hawk from my initial post, but they both have a hard time with the young RSH I added to the thread.
  15. The only thing different about today's bird I notice as different from a RSH is the very white feathers above the tail. The head, neck, and front feather patterns look to me exactly like this bird I saw in Boynton Beach, Florida on 09/26/2021, which I have been convinced since was a Red-shouldered Hawk. This was my pre-Ebird days. I thought I had reported it though, but it isn't there, so maybe I reported it with a pic and it got flagged and deleted, or maybe I never reported it. So, to the point of this post, is this bird also a Cooper's Hawk, or a Red-shouldered Hawk. Edit - there is a 0% chance I didn't show this in the best photo of the day thread and don't remember people correcting my ID.
  16. Not guaranteeing the purchase :), but please send me a link. So far, I've got my sunglasses and my camera hinging from my neck, and whenever I upgrade to a DSLR and long lens, the load will be heavier, so I have considerations.
  17. Any trip with a lifer is a great day! Got my 20th lifer of the year with a Coopers Hawk! It was one of those things that happen often on my trips. I'm shooting blind into some bad lighting conditions in the distance and have no idea what I'm looking at until I get home. I should have been more diligent and taken more bursts with different lighting adjustments, but the pic came out OK. Was a pretty normal day except for the lifer. The one Nanday Parakeet I heard screeching could have been nice enough to perch on a wire for me but didn't feel like being accommodating. https://ebird.org/checklist/S109676778
  18. Because of distance and lighting, I had no idea what this was until I got home. 🙂 Cooper's Hawk, my 20th lifer of the year! https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/447112601
  19. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/447113511
  20. The only Hawks I've ever seen in the area are RSH and I want a human or two to confirm before I report this and take credit for a lifer. 🙂 Taken this afternoon in Boynton Beach, Florida:
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