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  1. Do immature Orchards have the black tail? I'm not sure if it's to early for an immature bird or not.
  2. I'm not happy with the angle either, however this bird is definitely bigger than the house finches I get on a regular basis. Even taking the fluffy wet feathers into account. When I get home I'll see if I can find a video of a house finch to compare.
  3. Time and date stamp on the video are correct. Upstate NY, my backyard. I know this is an Oriole, and I've had adult Baltimores at feeders and the fountain this year, but the color on this bird looks more like an Orchard? fount.20220804_120207_1.mp4
  4. Thanks! I don't believe I've ever seen one before!
  5. Screensnaps from my camera watching my bird fountain. Taken this morning (time and date stamps are correct). Upstate NY, in my backyard, but we have a fair bit of both forest and farm fields around us. I have video too if I can figure out how to attach it.
  6. oops sorry, its in a bluebird house in my yard. There's some sticks on the bottom, but otherwise its grass and feathers as seen in the picture.
  7. Picture taken today in Upstate NY. Eggs match the picture of House Wren eggs I think. But the nest isn't the mad mess of sticks that I usually see from House Wrens.
  8. Its the tree size that might be the problem. I gotta get out there with a tape measure.
  9. Thanks guys, I was pretty sure, but wanted a double check
  10. I'm so jealous! My husband I have been discussing putting up a box, we hear them ALOT by us. But I'm not sure I have an appropriate tree in a spot where I could watch it easily. I plan to spend this summer paying extra attention to trees and locations and what not with an eye towards putting up a box in the fall.
  11. I've never had much luck with dried mealworms, the birds just don't seem to care. Live ones get lots of attention though. In the over all scheme of things I can think of alot worse things to feed then dried worms, even if they aren't the most nutritious thing ever.
  12. I've had a bird fountain based on a heated bird bath for a couple years now, and last year I put a camera on it to watch the birds. I shut down the fountain for the winter, but since the bird bath is heated I kept it full of water, and was delighted to spot Bluebirds at it several times over the winter. A couple weeks ago I placed a small glass jar in it with mealworms in it, on the theory that the heated water ought to be enough to keep the worms alive, and it was, and the bluebirds have found the mealworms. They aren't nest building in my boxes yet, but they often don't here for a few weeks yet, but they're definitely hanging around. I can't wait!
  13. Upstate NY state, today pictures have been lightened to help show markings clearer
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