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  1. Thats ok, I keep hoping to see a male, I've seen females a few times now, but never an adult male, so I was suddenly wondering if I was wrong in how I'd been IDing them!
  2. Keeping in mind that I've never (as far as I know anyway) seen a male Harrier, the pictures I can find of them show them to be fairly grey/light in color, while the females/juvi's are darker/browner
  3. Upstate NY, pictures taken today Bird 1: Bird 2, this one was working on some roadkill, and didn't want to go far, so I got better shots, I'm leaning towards juvi and/or female Northern Harrier
  4. Found this fellow at the base of one of the smaller maple trees in our yard. Unfortunately I wasn't able to spot the nest (to put him back in it), so we're going to have to hope that the wildlife will leave him alone long enough for him to get mobile. I can keep my dogs away from him, but I can't do anything about the neighbors cats (don't get me started) or the foxes or coyotes who think my yard is their highway.
  5. The old forum had a section for IDing other critters, I understand why it wasn't re-created, but is there anyone who can point me towards a good resource for tadpole identification for frogs in NY state? I tried google, but the results weren't for this area of the country. I have tadpoles in my rain barrels and I'm trying to figure out what they are.
  6. completely missed them fledging, one day they were there, then two days later, when I could next check, they weren't! Oh well.
  7. We had a massively wet spring, which made it impossible to deal with the weeds in many corners of our property. I've been slowly working around the yard, knocking down the weeds and baby trees that sprung up "overnight". There have been two other spots where I left things alone after spotting a nest, but I missed this one till to late. Any idea who's nest this is? The egg is pale blue with brown spots, which I vaguely recall being Cowbird. I looked for any eggs which might have rolled out of the nest when it tipped, but didn't see any. Upstate NY, picture taken today.
  8. I've had House Wrens in my Bluebird boxes before, but they're very hard to watch closely there due to how they stuff the box with sticks. This year I have House Wrens nesting in a cavity (I think that a Downy actually made the cavity, but we haven't seen it back since the Wrens claimed it) in a mostly dead tree on our property. And to top it off, the hole is barely 4ft off the ground! Today I spotted one of the parents bringing a bug into the hole, so I waited till the parent had left and was able to snap this photo with my cell phone. Not sure if I'll be able to get a photo with my good camera or not, its a weird angle, but I'm hoping to catch them fledging at least!
  9. I'm only filling my one big feeder once a week with BOS, and they're generally clearing it in a matter of a couple days (it holds about 5 lbs). I've got Grosbeaks, grackles, Titmice, Chickadees, both White Breasted and Red Breasted Nuthatches, various woodpeckers, House and Purple and Gold Finches, and probly more I'm forgetting right now.
  10. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker raiding the Oriole's oranges
  11. I haven't seen it perched yet. Just swooping through trying to snatch lunch. I think the wings were pointy. But it moves pretty darn fast!
  12. Hm, maybe, but I don't think the light banding on the tail matches. Sharpies, to me, always look like a lighter tail with dark banding (the darker lines are narrower than the light). While on this bird the white banding was narrower than the dark. I got a good look at the flared tail from the back of the bird this morning. But that gives me something else to look for next time I see it.
  13. One of the smaller birds of prey has taken to hunting birds in my yard. I haven't managed to catch a picture of it yet, but got a better look at it today. It's not significantly larger than a Robin, has brown streaking on the belly/chest, and has distinct white banding on the tail. The back is dark, though I'm not sure dark brown vs dark blue. I'm leaning towards Merlin, I'm given to understand that Kestrels don't generally hunt birds, and the white barred tail doesn't match Kestrels. Is there something else I should be looking at? I'm in Upstate NY.
  14. I haven't seen a HOSP on or at the box since I put up the spooker after something killed the first set of eggs this year. I can't rule it out, I've had HOSP ignore the spooker in previous years.
  15. Never mind. There is nothing in the nest today. No egg, no baby. Nothing. I guess I'm done for the season.
  16. I didn't see any movement, but oh gosh oh golly, please tell me that this means its hatching?! I feel like the proverbial mother cat with one kitten.....
  17. Hm, the white on the sides was throwing me off I guess. Blah, I was hoping not HOSP. Oh well.
  18. Upstate NY, pictures taken today. This looks like a young bird, but I'm drawing a blank at IDing it.
  19. So totally not an expert at this, but the chest/belly markings on your bird are very different from the Red Tails I have here in NY. I know there's a fair bit of difference between the varieties of Red Tails, but here at least the chest/belly markings is a band across the belly with the dark feathers "dripping" downward. I've seen some where all that is very very pale and hard to see at a distance, but your bird has it continuing to darken up to the throat. Even the youngster I photoed a few years ago, who didn't have his red tail yet, still had the distinct belly band.
  20. To add: When we bought this place the former owners told us they'd had Bluebirds nesting in that box for years and years. So I spent a fair bit of time reading up on how to be a Bluebird landlord. And our first summer here there was a successful BB nesting. I was very dismayed to discover that every single other box on the property was stuffed with HOSP nests, but was reluctant to disturb the status quo. But when the BB nesting our 2nd summer was attacked by HOSP I immediately removed every single HOSP nest I could find, only to discover that my neighbors didn't see the problem. I have to wonder if the former owners here actually paid attention to the BB nestings beyond seeing them in and out of boxes. I was to the point of seriously considering pulling down all of the boxes, because all I was doing was encouraging the BBs to nest in a dangerous place, but decided to give trapping with a repeating trap a try. Last summer proved that it can be done. So I'm quite frustrated this year.
  21. I definitely have a HOSP problem, I have neighbors with boxes who don't care what nests in them. Last summer, after trapping HOSP all winter, was my first successful Bluebird nesting in years, and even then they lost one baby to a HOSP when I didn't get the spooker up fast enough.
  22. Picture of the box from a few years ago. No baffle on the post. The box and stand was put in place by the former owners of the property, and the only thing I've done was replace the rotting pine box with a cedar one. I don't THINK we have flying squirrels here, though I did have a Red Squirrel chew the opening of one box (elsewhere in the yard) wider and nest in it.
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