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  1. I have gone through all of the birds and ID programs trying to ID this one. I am currently in Northwest Arkansas. Cave Springs to be exact. These photos were taken today 5/13/2019 around noon. He/she is a good sized bird with a fairly stout and long beak. Heavy streaking on breast and belly and yellow under the chin and on the face with dark lines on face also. His legs and feet also appear to be fairly large.
  2. Sorry I wish I had another view of this one but alas I do not 😞
  3. Same place and time as the previous one. Charlie Craig state fish hatchery in Centerton, Benton County, Arkansas. Sept 4 around 5pm. This one is at least a slightly better picture so if you know shore birds hopefully that is helpful 😄 It wasn't really helpful to me, but then I am not very adept with them. I'm thinking maybe western sandpiper? It's the only thing i can come up with that comes at least close to that coloring. What do you think? Thanks for your time.
  4. Yesterday Sept 4th 2018 about 5pm I took this pic of a shorebird which I have tried without luck to id. There were tons of kildeer and different ones too. Most so far I have figured out but not sure about this one. I was at Charlie Craig State fish hatchery in Centerton, Benton county, AR. Lots of birds of all kinds live and migrate through here. Can someone please help me ID this guy? Thanks and sorry for the graininess he was quite a ways away.
  5. On July 27th this year I saw this bird which I was unable to identify and promptly forgot about it. I was thinking willow flycatcher but I can't be certain. I have these ans several more horrible photos but probably good enough to id for someone with a good eye for this. Which apparently I do not have. I have tried books and websites in an attempt to ID it but now I will turn to the experts. :D It was seen at Cave Springs Arkansas in the afternoon at the Illinois River Watershed. If there is any information I forgot to put in here please feel free to ask. Thanks
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