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  1. I think this is a Cooper's Hawk but what about the prey? I'm befuddled. Bombay Hook NWR, Smyrna, Delaware, USA 09-07-2021 Thanks in advance, ...Jerry
  2. Thanks all! And thanks for having fun with this. ...Jerry
  3. At first I thought this was a small gull but now I'm thinking Forsters Tern. Bombay Hook NWR, 07-28-2021 Thanks in advance, ...Jerry
  4. Short-billed it is! Thanks everyone. You guys/gals are great! ...Jerry
  5. I've been studying my references and the differences are so subtle, I'm befuddled. Can I get some help here? Bombay Hook NWR, Smyrna, Delaware, USA, 07-10-2021 Thanks in advance! ...Jerry
  6. At first I thought this was a Willet but when I looked it up in iBird, the reference pointed me to a Greater Yellowlegs. I don't see the upturned bill so I'm thinking Lesser Yellowlegs? What do the experts think? Bombay Hook NWR, Smyrna, Delaware, USA May 7, 2021 Thanks in advance! ...Jerry
  7. This is obviously a Grebe (I think!) but can I get the help of the group in identifying the kind of Grebe? March 9, 2021, Bombay Hook NWR, Smyrna, Delaware, USA Thanks in advance, ...Jerry
  8. When I photographed this bird, I thought it was a Merlin. Then someone suggested it might be a "Tundra subspecies of Peregrine Falcon" What does this group think? Bombay Hook NWR, Smyrna, Delaware, USA; 10-10-2020 Thanks in advance, ...Jerry
  9. All these sparrows look alike to my eyes. A Song Sparrow, Maybe? Shot in my backyard, Wilmington, DE, USA, 08-13-2020 Thanks in advance! ...Jerry
  10. Bump! We seem to have one vote for Greater Scaup and one vote for Lesser Scaup. Does anyone want to break the tie? ...Jerry
  11. I recently displayed this photo and with the title "Lesser Scaup" based upon the "racing stripe" marking on the duck's bill. Someone suggested that it should be IDed as a Greater Scaup. Since I have limited knowledge in IDing birds, I want to make sure I get it correct. Hopefully someone can nail this down for me. Shot in Cambridge, Maryland, USA on 01-15-2019. Thanks in Advance, ...Jerry
  12. I photographed these terns this morning, 07-19-2019 at Bombay Hook NWR, Smyrna, Delaware, USA. I'm thinking Forster's Terns but want to make sure before I post the shot on Facebook. Thanks in advance, ...Jerry
  13. How 'bout that? A Merlin - that didn't even come to mind. First one I've seen at Bombay Hook after several years of going there. Thanks, ...Jerry
  14. When I first saw this guy, I was sure it was a Peregrine Falcon. However, upon studying the photo I'm wondering whether it might be a Kestrel. It seemed to be more the size of a Peregrine. Bombay Hook NWR, Smyrna, Delaware, 09-11-2018 Thanks in Advance, ...Jerry
  15. This juvenile was in the midst both Black-crowned & Yellow-crowned Night-herons. Some of the juvies are easy to ID. This one not so much. I'm thinking it's a Black-crown, but I'm awaiting the experts opinions. Bombay Hook NWR, Smyrna, Delaware, 08-20-2018 Thanks in advance, ...Jerry
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