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  1. What you will see eventually is those still on other platforms will have someone on Discord just forwarding on the reports. That still happens on the Michigan one. You will see someone say "So-and-so spotted a Dodo bird at We-all-wish-it State Park". You know that "So-and-so" does eBird or uses the other platforms, just not Discord. BTW someone literally reported a Dodo bird on a Michigan checklist.
  2. I hope I blurred out everything I should have to respect others privacy. First screenshot shows the Resources, Michigan Wide RBA related and then a few county channels. I should have expanded everything out. Upper Peninsula has 6 channels under it, with one specifically dedicated to Whitefish Point RBA. 2nd shows my county, which includes 3 other counties in it. 3rd shows the World Birding and Discussion channels 4th just shows the different actions you can do to each post. These are all from the Mac Desktop app. Ipad app looks similar and the Phone app is just a shrunk down version.
  3. Also you can sign up for alerts to specific channels to get alerts on the phone app to tell you when there is a new post there. I have alerts for statewide, and then a couple of counties near me and then also my county. Also for the county specific Limpkin channel now.
  4. I can provide some screenshots later this evening of the Michigan one. It basically is similar to a forum, like here, but with Michigan specific channels. We have various channels (topics) for all kinds of stuff. Resources section Tech Support Maps section for some of the bigger hotspots in the state How To Banding Code Search Michigan Wide Rare Bird Alert for the whole state Rare Bird Chat - chat about RBA birds as to not clutter up the actual RBA They will then add in a new topic related to a specific rare bird, such as the Limpkin currently in my county. Various county sections Some counties have their own channel, others have multiple counties Each county has an RBA and a Chat section Some may have specific channel for an existing bird club At least one county section even has a voice channel, basically audio zoom section that is always open World Birding section Great Lakes RBA and Chat channels - these are for reports in the area, as some people aren't limited by boundaries for their twitching U.S. Birding - various sightings around the U.S., asking for advice for places to bird in other states, trip reports outside the state World Birding - same as U.S. Discussion Channels General - all kinds of just general stuff Bird ID Help Brdl Equipment and gear, chat and buy-sell-trade Photo sharing eBird Help Conservation A few channels for women, bipoc and birdability specific
  5. I get an error when I clicked on the link. Wasn't necessarily going to join but wanted to add it to the Michigan Discord list of other states Discord. That way anyone traveling to Cali could join for updates.
  6. #199 for the year, #252 lifetime for my county and 1st county and 7th state record - Limpkin...finally.
  7. 1st county record (county lifer), and 7th record for the state (I think) - Limpkin. 200 miles and 4 trips to finally get this bird.
  8. That heads looks like it would be pretty round if the feathers weren’t raised a little in the back. 🤔
  9. Had a super late Wood Thrush making volley calls this morning in the yard. Looks like latest in the county by a week (very few September records). My latest by 18 days.
  10. R.I.P. - Flamingo that was bit by the snapping turtle died on way to zoo from rehab center. ☹️ https://www.wfla.com/news/injured-flamingo-that-ended-up-in-pennsylvania-from-hurricane-idalia-has-died/#:~:text=LANCASTER COUNTY%2C Pa.,transported to its new location.
  11. <whine commencing>. A Limpkin was spotted by a non-birder yesterday and just confirmed ID this evening, about 20 miles from me in my county. Got the notification late, so will have to try for it in the morning. There are at least 2 within a 40 minutes of me now in Michigan. They are really expanding that range.
  12. Michigan has been surrounded by them but are flamingo-poor still. 😔
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