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  1. They talk in the interview about trying to get more data on cone crops via iNaturalist project from other areas. They talked a little about Rocky Mountains I believe. White-winged Crossbill are moving West I think they mentioned. It is mostly focused on the Northeast U.S., Great Lakes, Ontario and points East in Canada. Even here in Michigan we have to extrapolate some as they aren't even specific about here. One author is near Toronto, the other Central N.Y., so there is some bias towards those areas, naturally. The interview definitely expands the website discussion and I hope they keep doing that in the future.
  2. Badgerland Birding did an interview with the authors.
  3. That brown stripe down middle of the head points to female. It wouldn’t be one of the Western ssp. with that on there. Western ones would have a solid color hood. That isn’t uncommon for the Slate-colored females.
  4. I do wish they included a subspecies section on the County page.
  5. I see some pics on eBird that show that same cross-winged impression for Sept-Oct.
  6. Found my first Springtails. Couldn't find them with my 25mm once I put that on the camera. So stinking small.
  7. Can Pecs have crossed wingtips? Everything else on the one on the left does look Pec, but those wingtips. Can't say I've seen that before.
  8. This comes across as if it doesn't matter if the ID is correct or not. This should probably go in as white egrest sp. or heron sp.
  9. The Goldfinches are decimating my feeders for the last 3-4 weeks. I had to free one from inside a feeder for the 2nd time during that time period. They ran the BOSS down so far it could fit through the slot at the bottom.
  10. Sp you are saying this is a thing? Didn’t even know to look for them here.
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