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  1. Pretty sure this guy has rabies. Lethargic, walking in circles, weird leg movements, took all day Sunday just to move 100 feet. Sitting down in the valley still this morning with very little movement.
  2. My Cackling versus Canada My favorite as it looks like he has bodyguards
  3. Number of species has been relatively normal. Junco numbers are down severally. No doubt due to lack of snow so far this winter in the state. No Pine Siskin this year, and Carolina Wren has not shown up.
  4. Is there a listserve for your state or area? You could ask on there also, or search the archives. http://birding.aba.org
  5. Trumpeter Swans calling due to the nearby fireworks just after midnight.
  6. SSHA is my vote. Head looks round and small, and the white tipped tail isn’t something to reliably use. I have had an adult SSHA hanging around with a broad white tipped tail.
  7. I think this first bird is a good candidate for juvenile Lesser Black-backed Gull. Profile seems less HERG, and it looks a little bit smaller than the nearby HERGs, along with what looks like darker back. I tagged this as Domestic x CANG hybrid instead of leucistic. I thought the rounder, larger head along with the orange legs and chunkier body leaned more towards some domestic goose background.
  8. This House Finch's head reminds me of Brach's Peppermint Candy.
  9. I had one similar this week in Michigan, but it looked like a thinner streak of black compared to your bright blue on the sides. I figured it was related to some molt.
  10. In the second photo you can see the underside of the right wing-tip. It is almost completely black. Thayer's/Iceland would be mostly white, with small black spot.
  11. @JP48 are you looking at the target species feature on eBird? https://ebird.org/targets
  12. I use eBird for: Life List County Life List Yard List - you can designate a location as your yard Multiple Patch lists - townships, 5MR. I also have two separate Excel files. One file is from my eBird data that I can use to do some personal analysis including by location The other file I am able to use surround county data to do some target birding, similar to Target Species on eBird. This file also tracks all historical records for the county that I find, along with some information related to Big Day/Month/Year targets. You can enter historical records in eBird. https://support.ebird.org/support/solutions/articles/48000804866-enter-your-pre-ebird-life-list
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