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  1. Fluddle = bigger than mud puddle, smaller than a flooded field Royal Rumble = winner take all wrestling match Yes a joke as it looks like something has torn apart a few dozen other birds there, although guessing the larger number of Sandhills must be dropping feathers.
  2. By "hovering" I take it we mean "gliding" over the field? I don't believe NOHA hover, like Kestrels or Rough-legged. Some Roughies have made it that far south so far this season, although still a little early for them. Wanted to make sure we rule out Rough-legged Hawk also as they have white "above" their tail.
  3. Last time I was at this fluddle it had a very Royal Rumble feel to it. I'm guessing those are leftover feathers of the victims of the line survivor, this bird.
  4. I mis-stated in regards to whether bird was adult. Was looking at Ligouri and Sullivan's paper on Northerns and the references to 2nd and 3rd year birds. This bird look like it might be losing some of the banded tail feathers the younger birds would have. The biggest thing for me is all that darkness running down the throat. I think with an empty crop that would majority dark on its chest. Never seen a borealis have that before. I think Adam Byrne is doing the reviews for my county right now, so I'm sure he'll give me some feedback on it also.
  5. USA - Spotted Towhee - 5.50% Michigan - Ruffed Grouse - 1.43% Calhoun County - Evening Grosbeak - .4028%
  6. FOS - Horned Grebe, Northern Harrier and Bonaparte’s Gull.
  7. As luck would have it had this interesting bird this afternoon. If this is an abieticola it is on the extremely light end for the belly-band. I've seen borealis with blobbier belly-bands. I think this may not be an adult bird yet, as it looks like tail feathers are mixed banded/un-banded. White throat is a good marker for abieticola.
  8. That is such a plain looking bird, I’d have dismissed it as a House Sparrow and moved on.
  9. The Ducks were not ducking on Duck Lake tonight!! Black Scoter and Surf Scoter, both FOY. At least one FOY Lesser Black-backed Gull mixed in with the gulls.
  10. About 30 miles away from Duck Lake, yes there is a Gull Lake…which looks like has been lacking in both lately.
  11. Gulls are starting to gather on Duck Lake😄 Very little ducks though.
  12. Another local birder had this shorebird on Wednesday in a flooded farm field. I think it is a good candidate for White-rumped. What say yee?
  13. FOS male and female Purple Finch today on feeders
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