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  1. Hopefully everyone is watching the videos and realizing that isn't leaves blowing around it is all birds flying around the people.
  2. Same spot 5 years prior, over 700,000 warblers. I'd be in shock just seeing what they had to put as warbler sp., 110K. They have videos under the warbler sp. of the just birds going right by them. https://ebird.org/checklist/S46116491
  3. Didn’t want to do a new topic, but some of you may remember the crazy checklist from the spot previously (2018). They did it again yesterday. https://ebird.org/checklist/S139153079
  4. Just had #159 for the yard, with Canada Warbler singing.
  5. Took my dog for a walk on Saturday and managed FOY Cliff Swallow, and a surprise Common Gallinule. Then ran out later that evening as Semipalmated Sandpiper showed up. That put me at 180 for the year. The only time I’ve hit 200 for the year, and not been at 180 by end of May I ended up getting 180 on 2nd of June. Nabbed Canada Warbler and Blue-headed Vireo (finally) this morning, and had a rather surprising Common Nighthawk fly overhead through the woods at 0918.
  6. Not a bad day. Took a 1/2 day vacation, for first time off this migration season. The White-eyed Vireo last night was a nice find, as they are so rare and random around here. Had 8 FOY today, and 2 that were FOY for the whole county. I think those 2 actually pushed the county even with my pace from last year. Right now I'm about middle of the pack for where I usually am. Still lagging behind on the birds moving through the county. Still very weird year. Still a lot of birds I should have at this point, and may be tough to get in the fall. At 177 for the year.
  7. My bet is on fledgling Green Heron as that neck look long...Oh and WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK!!!!!! Great shots. Never, ever knew Night-Herons were such ruthless bastards. Wow. Although looks like even really young Green Herons will still have the streaked neck. Gallinule doesn't have the spotting on the wings it looks like. From BotW - Adults, on occasion, observed to eat chicks in adjacent nests (Parkes 2005)...chicksphoto of other species, including various terns, herons and ibises, e.g. those of White Ibis (Eudocimus albus), Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis), Squacco Heron (Ardeola ralloides; Safford and Hawkins 2013), Great Egret (Ardea alba) and Snowy Egret (Egretta thula; Kelly et al. 1993), as well as Brown Noddies (Anous stolidus; Meygesi and Griffin 1996), Forster’s (Sterna forsteri; Cuthbert et al. 1993) and Common Terns (S. hirundo; Shealer and Kress 1991), stilts (Himantopus), ducks (Anas) and even Tachycineta swallows emerging from a nestbox (Kushlan and Hancock 2005).
  8. 2 of something in the upper right just after 40 seconds in. Hard to tell. Birds for sure.
  9. At - :03, :07, :10, :14, :19, :23 (mixed in with EATO), :27, :31, :52 (strong), :55, :59, 1:08, 1:15. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/574121401 I called it that in the field. Merlin couldn't ID it, and BirdNet is calling it a Kirtland's Warbler at :15-:17.5. They flag as rare here, and it is slightly differnt than the songs/calls I've heard before.
  10. Moth season might be hindered by the American Robin nesting right outside the doors I grab pics. Lifer - Light Marathyssa Moth
  11. Yeah, people get weird on that day and wait to submit checklists I’ve noticed.
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