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  1. Canon 7D MK II with Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary. I'm drooling over the Canon R5 with a 100-500mm though, and upgrade to 2x extender.
  2. County first Iceland Gull was found looking back through old photos I had snapped of a Lesser Black-backed Gull. I found it almost 3 years after I took the pics.
  3. Yep. It was 15 minute wait, 10 minute appearance then disappeared behind the reeds.
  4. Birds of the World has molt details.
  5. No idea. I'm not on any social media. I'm not sure why they would think a zoo bird. They have been pushed north this year into NY and PA. I don't see any bands on its legs, and it can definitely fly.
  6. Went to go see the first Michigan record of Roseate Spoonbill, so naturally a State Lifer.
  7. County/State Lifer, and first county record of American Avocet was located today by another birder returning from seeing the Michigan Roseate Spoonbill. Long-distance Patagonia Picnic Table effect.
  8. I was not aware that woodpeckers, let alone Red-headed Woodpeckers engaged in fly-catching. All About Birds says they are very adept at it, with only Lewis' Woodpecker being better at it.
  9. I decided to sign up for it as today was last day it was $100 off. Was wondering if anyone else has taken it, and what their experience was like with it.
  10. I identify as a unique species, Ruddy Turnshell.
  11. The Big Year - Mark Obmascik Of a Feather: a brief history of American Birding - Scott Weidensaul
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