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  1. I had one similar this week in Michigan, but it looked like a thinner streak of black compared to your bright blue on the sides. I figured it was related to some molt.
  2. In the second photo you can see the underside of the right wing-tip. It is almost completely black. Thayer's/Iceland would be mostly white, with small black spot.
  3. @JP48 are you looking at the target species feature on eBird? https://ebird.org/targets
  4. I use eBird for: Life List County Life List Yard List - you can designate a location as your yard Multiple Patch lists - townships, 5MR. I also have two separate Excel files. One file is from my eBird data that I can use to do some personal analysis including by location The other file I am able to use surround county data to do some target birding, similar to Target Species on eBird. This file also tracks all historical records for the county that I find, along with some information related to Big Day/Month/Year targets. You can enter historical records in eBird. https://support.ebird.org/support/solutions/articles/48000804866-enter-your-pre-ebird-life-list
  5. Looks like hundreds of reports in eBird of this as just swan sp., with assumptions it is hybrid. I’m guessing they ruled out Whooper already.
  6. Legs extended behind them, Sandhill. No legs extended behind them, Tundra Swan possibly. Both are moving through Great Lakes now.
  7. First record for my County of White-winged Scoter.
  8. Yes you can get them out in a hurry, the tension also will pull the lens caps open about 98% of the time. The harness/case combo also have an extension strap so I can carry them loose outside the case and bring them up quick to my eyes. They hang about waist level. The only issue I have with the side camera strap is if I have it below the chest harness extension connection. Bins aren’t as loose to pull up. One time adjustment. The rapid strap crosses your chest above the chest harness case for the bins.
  9. Chest harness with case for bins, and rapid strap for camera. The camera hangs on my hip. I want to say I tried a monopod with that setup, but it was clunky. You can get it to balance right away from your body when grabbing bins. When it doesn’t work you have a stick that ends up swinging around.
  10. Another Imperial Moth Bent-line Gray Spot-winged Antlion Lacewing larvae - All that “fuzz” is dead bug parts
  11. Also Green Heron or American Bittern. It sure looked bigger than Green Heron flying over.
  12. Photo sleuth said 52% Marsh. Some songs out here, but not full just chatter. So having a hard time with which one I’m hearing. Could be both are out here. I’m leaning toward Marsh as that supercilium is more white.
  13. Birding has been very light around here lately, but the moths haven't. Nearly 4.5" wide Imperial Moth Dark Marathyssa Moth Tufted Bird-dropping Moth I think this is my first Angle Shade - Olive Angle Shade Four-toothed Mason Wasp More here - https://www.balancethechaos.com/birding
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