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  1. Right there with you. Just not as many alerts here though. Dipped on Henslow’s Sparrow, Grasshopper Sparrow, and Dickcissel last week.
  2. Nice shots!!! What equipment are you using?
  3. Shot with 100-500 zoom and a 30mm extension tube. Doesn't get me a lot more minimum focus distance, but enough I won't have to jump off the porch to get moths in focus on side of the house.
  4. I’m just impressed that Charlie thinks he can differentiate between Passenger and Rock Pigeons that are a Flyover.
  5. Did I getcha? Maybe an upload of a checklist with the spreadsheet defaulting 2022 as the year.
  6. Really digging the variety of designs on the Leconte's Haploa Moth.
  7. This is the eBird Fantasy Birding beta. Predict what birds you will see on a given date, time and location.
  8. Correct guess was my first guess, but thought what it was standing on was different structure, so I guessed different. birdie 🦅 #32: 🟥🟩⬛⬛⬛⬛ https://birdiegame.net/
  9. Under Chatter (Noisy) it lists a bunch of birds Red-headed Woodpecker Yellow-bellied Sapsucker House Wren Sedge Wren Orchard Oriole Brewer's Blackbird House Sparrow, amongst some other southern birds. A 2 or 3 syllabled polyphonic note Sharp-tailed Grouse Summer Tanager - (Vewy call) Rose-breasted Grosbeak - (Zwee-er call) Black-headed Grosbeak - " "
  10. No Amazon? I've had Merlin ID random sounds, like my dogs leash going out, as different birds. Could just be an anomaly, unless BirdNet confirm it, or you can confirm yourself. One thing I just learned this past week, is if you click on the birds name in the app (not the arrow down to show songs) it will take you to the section that it ID'ed the bird.
  11. Not aware of a list, but in the back of the Peterson Field Guide to Bird Sounds there is in Index of Bird sounds. It groups similar sounding calls/songs together and then you can look at the specific species to compare. Example Eastern Bluebird "Typical Song" leads back to 2 pages in the Index. Page 572 is under "1-4 Second Warbler", then broken down further to "Includes polyphonic and burry notes". Bell's Vireo and Eastern Bluebird are listed under that, with page numbers leading back to detailed page for each species. The other one leads back to Blue-gray Gnatcatcher and Eastern Bluebird under "A polyphonic Complex Song">"A Polyphonic Phrase".
  12. A couple new moths (according to iNat), just waiting on iNat confirmation but pretty confident. Oak Beauty Leconte's Haploa Moth (probably same LeConte as the Sparrow and Thrasher are named after) I think this is a new Odonata Northern Emerald Spreadwing
  13. Not my best, but I like that is shows Red-headed Woodpeckers doing the same thing an Acorn Woodpecker does…stashing acorns.
  14. Might be my favorite moth. Giant Leopard Moth
  15. I thought so as well, and it wasn't just some trick of my flash. Other pics on iNat show it as well. I forgot how much I enjoyed moths.
  16. Isn't there a dark terminal band, thin light band, and then thin dark band? That is what I see. I was thinking Prairie ssp.
  17. Doesn't it have to be Merlin with that wide band at end of tail, thin white band, then dark band.
  18. New moth for me (at least 1st on iNat), that really stuck out when it was flying around. Common Spring Moth
  19. 2 smallest ones are Ross’s Geese. The bigger one I assume is a SnowxRoss’s based on size.
  20. Broad-billed Hummingbird - Alger County, Michigan - Initial reports, visiting feeder of a hummingbird with red bill.
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