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  1. Odd. When I search your name I see none of those pictures, even when filtering on unconfirmed.
  2. I see none of those photos when I look at Orange County unconfirmed only.
  3. First 40+ species checklist for the year. FOY Yellow-rumped Warbler, and this amazing close-up experience with a Barred Owl. I scared up something big just off the trail. I thought it was a Pileated, but when it didn't come around the tree I kept walking and here was this Barred Owl at 1030 in the morning staring back at me. https://ebird.org/checklist/S84760595
  4. Flaring out the undertail coverts, head looks big to me, puts me in Coop-camp. It is a messy chest though.
  5. I had this as a LEYE when I was observing it, as that should be the more likely bird for this time of the year. It was dark (ISO up to 10-12K), and distant. We had SOSA at this spot the next day, and it is earliest record for Michigan. Wondering if this is the SOSA but from a day prior. Thanks in advance.
  6. We have a potentially nice shorebird spot shaping up. Earliest eBird record for the state of a Solitary Sandpiper showed up there 3/31, along with both Yellowlegs and high counts of Wilson’s Snipe (17).
  7. Very messy bird on the body there. Maybe that dark vent is an artifact of the light?
  8. Looking that dark all the way down to the legs does look odd for a RTHA. @RobinHood any other shots?
  9. Crazy good year so far. I’m at 109, and county is at 125. Previous county overall high was 112 through end of March and if I can get lucky tomorrow I have a chance to match it.
  10. I don’t know how this grebe thought it was going to eat this Grass Pickerel.
  11. Now all they need is an option for target birds for the current day, for when one is trying for a Big Day.
  12. FOY Eastern Phoebe, White-crowned Sparrow and earliest Great Egret arrival for the county.
  13. Not sure if Narcissus of Eagles, or a fish under the ice teasing it.
  14. Always wanted to try to capture in flight
  15. Don’t think I posted this yet, but I was very surprised to see this pair of Otters on a small lake.
  16. This is what an Ant-Lion turns in to.
  17. Thought this was a weird bat at first
  18. EBird now has this one as my best photo
  19. I've seen one trying to take down a Ring-necked Pheasant before. I think an adult Groundhog might be too much for it to tangle with. Birds of the world says small to medium mammals, rabbits and hares.
  20. I almost only post non-birds to INaturalist now as that AI for identification makes it a little easier. I think I have a few on BugGuide.
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