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  1. This Metadata will also contain the keywords assigned to the picture and is searchable...at least for Mac.
  2. Finally found a Cackling Goose this year.
  3. FOY Cackling Goose today, 204 for the county this year. One of 3 birds I've gotten every year but this one, up to today. Now to get out and find a Screech-Owl. Left my county to try for Red Crossbills. Thought I heard them a couple times but there was always a car passing by, so wasn't sure. Did get FOY Pine Siskin though. That made this year's U.S. total 253, tied for 2nd best year.
  4. Krider's wouldn't show that much red undernearth in the tail...right? Actual photos might be required.
  5. Managed a Red-necked Grebe to get county total to 203. For about 30 seconds I thought I had a Western candidate. Sun was washing it out, and it had its neck extended quite a bit. It swam in amongst some Ring-billed Gulls, Goldeneyes and Herring Gull...so the size shot that down quick. Finally some pics and better scope looks showed me the error of my ways on the field marks too.
  6. Sounds like American Goldfinch at the end there.
  7. Looks like it is available for pre-order now. https://www.amazon.com/Field-Guide-North-American-Flycatchers/dp/0691240647/ref=zg_bsnr_g_16386_sccl_26/145-3741643-8023069?psc=1
  8. That is awesome. Congrats Charlie.
  9. Based on some discussions in Michigan Discord about a couple Couch's/Tropical ID question, the primary tips require the bird to be in flight with good shots. Before there was audio, everyone was trying to get good flight shots.
  10. Teach me...my master. 🦹‍♂️
  11. Year-round rare here. I have first record for the county in 2014 (2 birds), and this is only my 3rd observation since then with previous one April 2018. Actually only 4th bird as one of those 3 was 3 days after my first record at same spot. It probably will show more prevalent now only because people have come looking for the Limpkin, and seen this one also. I think this would be only 5th record of the bird in the county.
  12. What a Good Boy!! I miss my Bassett Hounds. Such great personalities.
  13. Trifecta today. Long-tailed Duck (looks like same one I saw a week ago that others have missed this week), Limpkin (I think this one is now the latest in the year Limpkin in Michigan), and Black-Crowned Night Heron.
  14. 6,000 complete checklists with just over 8,000 in total.
  15. Finally got over to see the juvie Black-crowned Night Heron that is hanging out with the Limpkin, so at 202 now for the year. Also managed what looked like the same Long-tailed Duck just before sunset. Looked like the same one that has eluded everyone else but me in the past week.
  16. Yellow-browed Warbler? https://ebird.org/region/US-CA?yr=all&m=&rank=lrec
  17. Wish the belly was visible. Backside and neck look like nice separation in the streaking, not smeared like young Herring. That and the darker area around the eye.
  18. I think around the eye is too light to be LBBG.
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