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  1. Fall adult Male Chestnut-sided will still have some ”chestnut” on the side. 1st year male/female and adult Females in the fall will mostly lack that.
  2. Some of you may know the three-headed dog Cerberus had a two-headed brother called Orthrus, but did you know they had an adopted two-headed goose brother called Dooferus.
  3. Put up another 4x4 to hang feeders on in anticipation of maybe some finches this winter.
  4. You can do that with Sightlings Lists also. There is a time period for current day.
  5. ....and see 24 in my yard in 1/6th the amount of time and ~50-70 less miles.
  6. I guess so https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/376088701#_ga=2.98990107.461685719.1664716753-90661407.1664144844
  7. A Red-shouldered with red in its tail?
  8. I think I missed the Fall Migration. We had a ton of birds pass by last night, but my count sits at 22 for the day.
  9. Purplepore Bracket (I think) 5 or 6 images stacked.
  10. 3 months with no rare bird entries, highest taxonomic level that eBird will accept only. Not good time with gull season coming up.
  11. I don’t think Sharpie would tangle with crows, but a Coop will for sure.
  12. I cage match my reviewer if he doesn’t agree that is an abieticola on my checklist. Looks like adult tail feathers so not one of those messy blobby youngsters.
  13. If if you decide to not upload your observations you can use it to drill down to plants in your area. I know there are plenty of privacy options on there also. For my sightings at home it is a large areas with the center not on my residence.
  14. INaturalist. Even without confirmation the AI can get you close. Seek app puts that AI on your phone
  15. That would get called a Cackler here, but you get Lesser Canada out there also.
  16. They talk in the interview about trying to get more data on cone crops via iNaturalist project from other areas. They talked a little about Rocky Mountains I believe. White-winged Crossbill are moving West I think they mentioned. It is mostly focused on the Northeast U.S., Great Lakes, Ontario and points East in Canada. Even here in Michigan we have to extrapolate some as they aren't even specific about here. One author is near Toronto, the other Central N.Y., so there is some bias towards those areas, naturally. The interview definitely expands the website discussion and I hope they keep doing that in the future.
  17. Badgerland Birding did an interview with the authors.
  18. That brown stripe down middle of the head points to female. It wouldn’t be one of the Western ssp. with that on there. Western ones would have a solid color hood. That isn’t uncommon for the Slate-colored females.
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