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  1. I thought we were getting rid of tradition?
  2. Nope. They were in the second flock of Redpolls I ever saw. I just don’t like losing lifers for “science” that will/can change in a few years, with no consistency in reasoning.
  3. Fire up the Large Hadron Collider and create a Black Hole to dump the radioactive ashes into.
  4. Cory's Shearwater and Red-shouldered Hawk are the only ones that would get me armchair birds, I think. Burn with fire, toss in a volcano and Nuke from Orbit!!!!!!!! 2024-B-3: Treat Common Redpoll Acanthis flammea and Hoary Redpoll A. hornemanni as a single species
  5. One is this year, the other is all years.🤨
  6. New high for January, 66, for me with 3 new birds today; Wild Turkey, Red-headed Woodpecker and Barred Owl (new January bird for me). Don't think I will be able to get my overall January # to 100 though. There were 4 other options seen in the past week that would have gotten me to 100, but had nothing yesterday and just the Barred today. Still to add 8 new January birds this year is surprising.
  7. I only used my Sigma for a couple of weeks before I decided I needed to get a Canon lens to pair with my R5 (focus was sllloooowwww). I loved my 400mm f/5.6. I'm sure even with the converter the pics are going to be better than the Sigma.
  8. I’d lean toward abieticola on it since it has adult tail. Might be a shot it is a light calrus with the barring on its legs(?). Any flight shots?
  9. Burn Notice Season 7, ep 1 - Common Loon calls in the Dominican Republic.
  10. You can get heads up on non-RBA birds. Rough-legged Hawk doesn’t flag as rare, but reports get shared of it in Michigan, as an example. Also part of it you can think of as Whatbird forums, but more specific for your area. Chat channels we can discuss potential hotspots, non-eBird reporting type things like we were reporting on lakes and rivers frozen in the area. Saves you and/or others from wasting their time hitting those spots. You can get information on access to certain hotspots that require “rules” in order to access them. Or ask questions about that access, or dates/times open/closed. For birds a lot of people will provide pinned locations for birds, or more specific instructions on where to find them. You can get instant notifications for updates to channels, so no waiting on eBird notification. Lots of local specific discussions about birds. I got some information and a contact regarding historical records at U of M for my county.
  11. I'd keep, but crop out the reeds at the top, so you only have the duck and the reflections.
  12. 61 so far, with best January of 63 in my sights. Everything is frozen over, including most of the rivers, but still have some stuff that I should be able to pick up.
  13. Nothing techinically good about this shot, but I like it.
  14. Pretty sure this is a GOEA. I thought it was a Turkey Vulture when I first put binoculars on it the dihedral was so obvious. Everything about how it was flying is what I would expect with a GOEA; bulging secondaries, dihedral, no white near the torso in most shots, apparrent small head and strongly banded tail. Small pics as this thing was over a mile away. Some of my pics almost look like too much white, but guessing it may be the distance and some snow falling/bad lighting.
  15. I think even from this angle and being out of focus we would still see the dark line between the bill and eye, if this was a Chipping Sparrow. Wait for others, but I can see this as CCSP.
  16. Greyhawk, this forum is probably the nicest place on the internet. There was no malice intended, I can assure you. I’d be more offended at @IKLland‘s use of “your” instead of “you’re”. 🤣
  17. Playing around with PS Generative AI. Added some additonal room below this owl and prompted for grass field in the winter.
  18. I don’t think this is the possible cismontanus bird i had, so yes.
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