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  1. This right here. When you bird with/near or coinciding with a really good birder they see/hear stuff that you miss completely. Think about how some people on here can rattle off why a blob is such and such a bird. They aren’t doing hours of research through Field Guides first. They have done the research and Field work. They just have that much more experience they know what that bird is from far less visual data than others of us can. You eventually will also find that you report more than other people at the same spot that you know are new, as you get more experience.
  2. American Copper Eastern Tailed-Blue (not confirmed yet)
  3. This is the best resource I have found for distinguishing the difference in juvenile Bald/Golden Eagle. One thing to notice is the entire shape of the wing. Bald Eagle gets described as a 2x8 pieces of wood. It is almost straight from tip to body like a board. Golden Eagle has more of a Red-tailed Hawk type shape to it, with the secondaries bulging out some. http://archive.hancockwildlife.org/forum/viewtopic.php?showtopic=132018
  4. “Good side” of an under-birded area, although downside is I know there is stuff that comes through here that never gets seen. There is only 3-4 people that hit my county up consistently.
  5. Bullock's or Hooded...one of them crazy Western Orioles?
  6. I'm interested in seeing what firsts everyone has "been first to find/report" for their County or State. I've seen other first records, but wasn't the first. I really like the randomness of a bird showing up somewhere it isn't normally found, or hard to find. I know for my county I have: 20 eBird firsts (plus 1 shared) 10 so far have no other historical records that I have found yet. 6 of those I can find historical records for 5 more that are in a book "Birds of Calhoun County" that are in the table of contents but I cannot confirm the details as I cannot get a copy of the full book. At least one record he has in there is from another county. Firsts for my little corner of South-central Michigan - all eBird with notes for possible historical records Ross's Goose - May be a historical record but unclear if they refer to "Lesser" Snow Geese Black-crowned Night-Heron - in "B of CC" table of contents Summer Tanager - found in yard Canada Warbler - eBird only - Larry Walkinshaw has historical report Yellow-bellied Flycatcher - in "B of CC" Semipalmated Sandpiper - in "B of CC" Olive-sided Flycatcher - in "B of CC" Iceland Gull American Golden-Plover - in "B of CC" White-rumped Sandpiper Western Meadowlark - eBird only - Larry Walkinshaw has historical report Brewer's Blackbird - eBird only - Larry Walkinshaw has historical report Eastern Whip-poor-will - heard at same time as first eBird record, but there are historical records Black-bellied Plover - eBird only - Larry Walkinshaw has historical report Long-billed Dowitcher - eBird only - there are historical reports Black Scoter American White Pelican - was reported to another birder from someone they knew, but I was only one to go chase them. I don't count it as self-found White-winged Scoter Black-legged Kittiwake Black-necked Stilt Ruddy Turnstone I have one Michigan first, but it is a Hybrid. Barn x Cliff Swallow
  7. That makes more sense. Wasn't in the Warbler Guide app though🤨
  8. Only caught these couple of notes. Was thinking Blackpoll, but didn't seem right. Been through Black-and-white and Blackburnian also. Thinking maybe a Yellow that just gave first few notes of song, although Yellow have been absent around here lately, or Common Yellowthroat doing the same. 2021-09-10 09-53-21 mystery song.wav
  9. I think the rounded part of the bill at the bottom leans to DCCO. Bill looks big also.
  10. Default mode is assume that someone is doing “it” (birding and/or photography) for their Ego, unless you know otherwise Share info on birds, but only advice if asked for. Lots of really helpful people in the state, but there are those that are not.
  11. 9 FOY in September is my best showing in Fall Migration ever, including finding County First Ruddy Turnstone. Previous high was 6, and am running above my best pace again.
  12. Must be an East-side thing. Never heard it before. 😀
  13. Was the Neotropic nest ever confirmed to have a successful hatch?
  14. Also note how long the wings are compared to the tail. Red-tailed Hawk will have wings just short, or right at the tail tip. Red-shouldered the tail will extend well past the wing-tips.
  15. Think more dainty like Savannah Sparrow.
  16. Thanks everyone. This has been a good spot this year. County first Black-necked Stilt and earliest record for Michigan of Solitary Sandpiper have been there this year. I thought it was a Pectoral with some leucism on its neck, until I saw the same thing on the other side.
  17. If its head is sticking that far forward of the wings when in that position, I don't think it could be a Sharpie.
  18. Isn't that an insult when a Southern person says that?😄Should have read page 2 first.
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