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  1. I thought SSHA initially.  When flying it moved more erratic than the dive bombers the COHA at my feeder seem to do.  I'm wondering though if this round looking head is just an angle, and the mostly even tail feathers (except that far right one seems shorter) really aren't.  Also I've never had any accipiter with that much grey down its cheeks which I think also points to male COHA (Sibley).  


  2. Little Gull showed up at this small marshy area south of Kalamazoo today.  Waited over an hour for it.  I almost didn't put my glass on it thinking it was just another Killdeer flying over the water at first.  Bird hung around for about 7 minutes and then gained a bunch of altitude and headed North.  


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  3. 2 hours ago, Trevor L. said:

    I think the first bird is a Red-tailed Hawk, though it looks different from the ones I'm familiar with. Someone more familiar with the area will probably chip in and give you a better answer soon. The second bird is indeed a Rough-legged Hawk.

    Looking that dark all the way down to the legs does look odd for a RTHA.  @RobinHood any other shots?

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