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  1. Size wasn’t good as this chunky-monkey adult male COHA has been hanging out at this spot.  He’ll pull wings forward every once in a while making me think SSHA for a sec.  Winds were strong yesterday so I was worried it was this same bird just adjusting his wing shape due to it.  Once I blew out the exposure I could see the juvie markings.  


  2. Female Brown-headed Cowbird = very early Indigo Bunting💩

    Northern Shrike = Northern Mockingbird for 2 seconds.  👎

    White-crowned Sparrows singing only 4 notes of their song = Blue-winged Warbler 🤫

    Black-legged Kittiwake = Bonaparte's Gull for about 8 hours☠️

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  3. I thought this was the chunky adult male Cooper's Hawk I have seen at this hotspot multiple times this year.  I thought he was just holding his wings a bit ahead due to the wind.  Now thinking maybe it is a juvie Sharpie as when it finally closed up tail feathers they seemed more squared off, and that doesn't look like adult marking on the chest. Looks more like juvenile streaking and it goes quite far down the body of the bird.  It is accipiter sp. on my checklist already.  






  4. I thought for sure in the scope I had some dark-eyed female Brewer's and some birds holding themselves a little more upright.  The farm field was at eye level, so it was tough getting a good focus.  I have them listed as "/" on my checklist.  

    I'm thinking this first one the eye isn't really as dark as it appears.  Bill seems thin like a RUBL.


    Thinking tail may be too short for BRBL


    I have no pics of this guy outside of the gully.  Thought the bill seemed kind of straight though.  



  5. 39 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

    The tail feather in front on the left is much shorter.  Definitely a Coop.

    The picture is so noisy it is hard for me to tell where it is an end of tail feather, or not.  


    Also first time I’ve ever noticed that grey cheek points to Cooper’s Hawk.  Goes back to reading Field Guides is the best education not done.  

  6. I thought SSHA initially.  When flying it moved more erratic than the dive bombers the COHA at my feeder seem to do.  I'm wondering though if this round looking head is just an angle, and the mostly even tail feathers (except that far right one seems shorter) really aren't.  Also I've never had any accipiter with that much grey down its cheeks which I think also points to male COHA (Sibley).  


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