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  1. I called this Red-tailed Hawk in the field. But looking at what appears to be a full crop, and knowing it was facing into the wind...is it causing what looks like some separation in the streaking. I've not seen the juvenile RTHA around here have the extensive streaking on the sides going up to the neck or even from the throat into the chest. Usually pretty clean belly-band with all white chest on the juveniles. Thanks in advance. _91A9388 by chipperatl2, on Flickr _91A9288 by chipperatl2, on Flickr
  2. I was thinking that head looked more Rough-legged, but looks like there is a grey belly-band.
  3. It took about 24 hours but it seemed to work perfectly on all my Flickr pics. A little end of year bonus donation to eBird for pulling that off. I was trying to manually update. This saved me H-O-U-R-S of time.
  4. Lightroom has a maps feature if you have GPS on your photos, or you can map them manually.
  5. Raptor with a stare that says “I don’t care how big you are, I will eat your body and soul” equals Merlin.
  6. Looks like Sunday was last reported day. Lots of Goldeneyes reported yesterday. Saturday it appeared out of nowhere while 3 other birders were watching a group of COGE. It apparently has some ninja skills.
  7. Thayer’s is what Photo Sleuth came up with, but bigger than the Herring Gulls even? I was probably 1/5 a mile away and looks like the wall is maybe 20 feet across. Would I be close enough to have angles play with size that much?
  8. Barrow's Goldeneye today on an inland lake in SW MI. _91A6776.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr
  9. That is a lot of white on the wings of #4, I'd lean yes on that. #9 the nail on the bill looks small I think that is Lesser.
  10. Took a trip to Lake Michigan this afternoon. Ran across this big juvenile gull that was matching up size-wise with GBBG adult. It isn't checkered, and has some light grey coming in to mantle, not dark so I really don't think it is a GBBG juvie as the bill isn't very chunky either. I thought maybe Glaucous, but the bill looks mostly dark. Really big Herring? Again at that age bill wouldn't be mostly dark. Thanks in advance. _91A7046.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr _91A7069.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr _91A7084.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr Not 100% sure
  11. @akiley @egosnell2002 I found a pic where he had part of his leg out of the water. It looks kind of like the in-between greenish-pink leg color. I see in the Gulls simplified some 2nd year sub-adults with similar structure. Definitely a new look for me. Every RBGU I've seen has that small nearly round head. _91A6318.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr
  12. Sorry I usually put my location in the title. SW Michigan. That is the oddest, biggest RBGU I’ve ever seen. I think I cropped out a nearby HERG, cause it seemed really closer in size.
  13. I'm assuming what I have here are an advanced 3rd Winter/cycle Herring Gull (still has ring on the bill, but complete adult plumage) and one that is a bit behind. The second one really struck me as I'm not used to a juvie Herring Gull having such clean wings underneath. _91A6306.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr _91A6444.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr _91A6409.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr _91A6446.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr _91A6475.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr _91A6481.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr _91A6500.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr Also wonderin
  14. Ah that was you that found that. Nice find for Michigan. I don’t see the reviewer not accepting it as Oregon.
  15. Sad thing is there was a Bald Eagle about 30 seconds behind him, hauling. He may not have even been able to enjoy it.
  16. I didn't know Red-headed Woodpeckers would make holes to stash acorns in like an Acorn Woodpecker _91A5752 by chipperatl2, on Flickr Osprey 691A3652.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr
  17. Lifer from yesterday - North American River Otter. I thought Beaver at first based on size, I dismissed them as Muskrats when I saw the thin tail. They looked way too big in the water though, so did some searching today. Never had any idea they were this far south in Michigan. Some in Grand Rapids made the news a couple of years ago and they were supposed to be rare that far south. _91A5650 by chipperatl2, on Flickr Blue-spotted Salamander _91A2856.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr Coyote (uncropped he got that close to me) - the light shined through the leaves right on hi
  18. Dark-morph Western? abieticola would still show more white.
  19. The old thread didn’t allow it, but it is in the ABA now. I don’t see why not.
  20. I’m thinking Horned Lark. I don’t see any black on wing tips in the flight shot. My limited experience is Snow Bunting would be more likely to have wings spread when you shoot, and Horned Lark tucked.
  21. Greater White-fronted Goose by chipperatl2, on Flickr Untitled by chipperatl2, on Flickr
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