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  1. Odd combination of melanistic (darker areas), and dilute in the face?
  2. Guess I’d have to see your camera rig. Wasn’t sure if maybe the harness/pouch would go over your camera vest.
  3. AMKE was coincidently the only bird on my 5000th eBird checklist, today.
  4. Looks like 4th inland record for Michigan, on eBird. The others were mid-November, late November and early Dec. Bird was not located again today. Lots of ice flows on the river after a deep freeze last night.
  5. Would a chest harness or chest pouch not work for the binoculars?
  6. Black-legged Kittiwake!! All I was looking for was waterfowl on the river to up my February numbers. Almost didn't even stop. Pulled in to a snow covered pull-off with my dog, and it flew by and landed where I was able to get decent looks at it. Lesson learned, have the physical field guide with you. I searched on 'Gull" in the Sibley app to rule out Little Gull. The dark collar bothered me, so finally gave it a second look at home and flipped through the guide and said "Wait Kittiwake has a dark collar", then looked much closer at my pics.
  7. I reported it as a BOGU and thought "Cool a February BOGU is a first for the county". Wasn't even thinking of this being a county first bird period!!!! Lifer and pretty sure the rarest bird I have ever found. I tried to post it for confirmation from the field, but couldn't remember by Whatbird password on my phone. Wish I would have figured it out sooner so I could have got the word out.
  8. 42.337272, -85.229964 is where the pullout is located to walk the river trail. It is technically Bedford Road not Helmer.
  9. Kalamazoo River, west of Battle Creek between 20th Street and Helmer. There is pull off, off Jackson St and you can walk a trail next to the river. At least a snow covered trail, but you can walk it.
  10. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew that collar didn't seem right. We are way far inland for this bird to be here. I'm stunned.
  11. I had this as Bonaparte's, but the collar is bothering me. Another birder confirmed...but I wonder if it could be something way cooler?
  12. Sandhill Cranes continue in large numbers here. It could be the location though was just never noticed before.
  13. Hard to resist when so much has migrated there. The Michigan Rare Birds email list has migrated to FB and WhatsApp, neither of which I care to entangle myself with. If you are going to do it use a new e-mail and do not install the apps. Maybe use a different browser for just FB.
  14. Certainly more serene and peaceful than the Spotted Redshank in Michigan in 2018.
  15. @Avery - nope this is it. It was a huge flock that would respond to pishing, but they keep flying over the Jeep to the other side. Very few stayed in camera range.
  16. I've been trying to relocate some Hoary's now that the calendar has flipped. Thank you in advance. I realize the second pic is blurry, but only shot I have of it with head turned. Looks more smush-faced, and streaking is thin with very faint pink. I also think the red on head is smaller.
  17. I’ve never seen a photo of one that relaxed. I assumed their heads were narrower and taller, all the time.
  18. I am 29/32 Warbler, 16/17 Sparrows, and 32/32 Waterfowl (assuming this is Ducks, Geese, Swans). 92.3% of overall eBird reported birds. There are around 27 birds I've found historical records for that aren't in eBird though. Would need Connecticut Warbler, Louisiana Waterthrush and Kirtland's Warbler to catch up (also there are records of Prairie Warbler and Worm-eating not in eBird). Need Lark Sparrow for Sparrows, which won't happen.
  19. I let Lightroom do the work for me, by date. I have specific collections for eBird exports, INaturalist and blog photos. I have keywords set up for species, but stink at keeping it updated.
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