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  1. $#$@#$%^$#@.  That’s horrible.  One of our local birders found a Long-eared.  Normally we share lots of info via e-mail.  He was very non-descript about its specific location.  Honestly can’t blame him, even for the short list of those of us that bird the county.  Report after report will just snowball till someone shows up like the idiots you describe.  

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  2. Do the photos show up when checking the “Show Unconfirmed” box?  Maybe the reviewers are flagging it as sensitive locally.  They may not have the power to hide it like Gyrfalcon or Northern Hawk-Owl where you can see picture, but not location?

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  3. 5 FOY yesterday.  Earliest record of Eastern Towhee for the county.  First March record with a pair of Double-crested Cormorants.  Finally found Horned Grebe, Tree Swallow and able to make it out for spectacular displays from at least 10 American Woodcocks.  

  4. Let my dog Hercules out of the Jeep at a roadside to let him do his thing.  Walked up the road quite a ways and spooked up the Northern Shrike that has been in this area for a while.  What was the coolest part is it seemed to take some interest in us, and flew closer checking us out.  By far my best looks ever.  



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  5. Is anyone else doing a Big Year for your state, county, yard, 5MR or other?  Did you attempt a Big Day, or a Big Month?  Thought maybe a thread where Whatbirders can post updates on where they are, and what they have seen.  

    Our county is having best start to the year ever.  I’ve decided to try to best my high for county this year, after focusing on Big Yard last year.  So far I’ve bested Jan and Feb highs for those months, and just passed my pace for end of March during the past weekend.  So far at 94 birds, out of 107 in the county.  My goal is to pass 100 by end of the month, and pass 200 by end of May.  206 is my high for the year.  

    Best birds so far are county first records Black-legged Kittiwake and Barrow’s Goldeneye.  Only two birds I’ve dipped on that I likely won’t get are Long-eared Owl and Northern Mockingbird.  

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