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  1. Yes, but I know there was a reason for the 0. Read it somewhere. 😄 Not much different from posting photos here and getting the ID. For the most part I think I know most of the birds I had to get help on. Even though my life list is 339, I could look at it and say "Northern Goshawk, I didn't ID in the field. I snapped pics and had to get help from there." A few birds in San Diego were pointed out to me by the Tour Guides. It is a humbling hobby. But back to the eBird data. The bird was there, and to me the important thing is identifying the correct bird and recording it.
  2. The zero for rare species is more specific to stakeout birds, as a way to let others know not seen. I can’t even count how many arm chair birds I’ve found from looking at photos. I saw the flock of gulls...and that Iceland was in it.
  3. Pretty sure the Merlin started sucking out part of my soul with that look.
  4. Were they mobbing it? I've seen crows mob a COHA, and the COHA would chase after them.
  5. is this ice it is landing on? Great shots of a hard to capture bird.
  6. Emails are available via ABA site and Sibley’s site. Trust me I was surprised they answered.
  7. @Birding Boy, looks like the Smew has a band on left leg. https://ebird.org/checklist/S78965857
  8. I’ve had 3 or 4 in the past 3 winters. One I was close to submitting to MBRC, as it has significant white tail feathers also. INaturalist has confirmations on it, but I reached out to Ted Floyd and David Sibley and they said no dice.
  9. Yep, I have one with very clear "White-winged" like tips hanging around. It doesn't look bigger than the others, but they are the most white I've seen on the Slate-coloreds around here. It also has buffy wash mixed in with the grey on the flanks. I'm assuming a first year bird hanging on to a little brown still. Odd transition I've not seen before.
  10. I report that as an abieticola. Not the perfect specimen.
  11. I think I got both birds in one shot, although not the greatest side by side.
  12. Cannot guarantee those aren't not different birds. The third photo was taken on the 3rd, the others on the 4th. I assumed it was just me thinking there were some slight differences, or lighting involved.
  13. I like the April 1st checklists. Usually a respected birder, so you have to double-take on it. I fell for one a few years ago. I’ve forgotten the bird, but it was a doozy. Almost grabbed my stuff to run out there.
  14. One goal down. Yard bird #150. A single Common Redpoll at my feeders.
  15. I was thinking cismontanus, but I remember they usually have darker sides, not the buffy like this bird.
  16. Guessing this is an immature Snow Goose, as it is off for blue morph.
  17. Looks like the zombie monkey from Pirates of the Caribbean hanging upside down in that hole. Be careful there isn’t a raccoon in there next time you get close to check. 😄
  18. Red-tails will take Mourning Doves. If those are hanging around your feeder, it could be same bird.
  19. Thought it would be flyover Canada Geese, it was American Crow flyovers instead.
  20. What are your goals for birding in 2021? One more Yard Bird to get to 150 May try to beat my County high of 206 for the year Add two more County Lifers Hit Michigan Top 100, will take around 250 birds. Hoping for more trips to U.P.
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