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  1. 1 hour ago, Hasan said:

    All females are Rusties, and all the males almost certainly are too, though technically I don't think they're identifiable from the photos. It's still very early for Brewer's in the midwest.

    There have been Brewer's sighted from a month ago, and a week ago only 35 miles from this spot.  I'll give the male may not be definitive enough, but the female has dark eyes.  I thought that was a deal sealer for BRBL females to distinguish with RUBL.  I know the BRBL female can occasionally have pale eyes, but didn't think the reverse worked for RUBL.  

  2. Now is the time in this part of Michigan you have to try to play "Where's the Brewer's?" in all the large mixed blackbird flocks.  Pretty sure this is a male and a female.  The male just has a different GISS than the Rusties and I've never seen one with that green sheen to it.  Not 100% sure the flight shot is the same bird.  The female has the dark eye, although that supercilium seems awfully strong.  









  3. BirdsEye NA you can get down to as small as 1 mile diameter for birds sighted locally and it will show where on map they were reported.  Shows historical, recent (adjustable timeframe) and needs, if you have it tied to eBird account.  You can even click on the location dot and it will show a list of birds seen at that location.  

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