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  1. My experience with young Sandhills are they don't have that much brown on their neck and head. Head shape looks off. Sure looks a lot like the Sibley painting of Common Crane, but I have no experience with them, just lot of Sandhills.
  2. Slowest year for me yet, but still eventful. First report on eBird for Trumpeter Swan in the whole world for 2020. 4 new yard birds contributed to my biggest Yard Year - 132 species. Common Loon - very cool to hear calling from inside the house Bonaparte’s Gull flyover Blue-winged Warbler - my 23rd yard warbler Gray-cheeked Thrush 4 new county birds Whooping Crane - first county eBird record Common Redpoll - lifer, self-found Great Black-backed Gull - 3rd County record, self-found Hoary Redpoll - lifer 2nd County Record, as looks
  3. eBird says this is my Best Quality photo. I’m guessing it got featured at some point and that is why it got so many ratings.
  4. Focused on yard this year, so much less than normal.
  5. My Christmas present from the birds was a FOY House Sparrow to put me at 132 for the year. A day after that I went outside and thought I heard an Evening Grosbeak fly over, but with the HOSP hanging around I’m not going to count a lifer based on that brief call.
  6. Allegan or Oakland. Nice bird to find.
  7. I did the actual count of 984 Mallards - I only guessed at the 1000 Canada Geese. It was way too cold. Nearly doubled the previous high count of the County. It was an insane number. I'm sure I missed a few too. https://ebird.org/checklist/S78083799
  8. I think I had 5 pics in total. https://ebird.org/checklist/S21522600?forceLogin=true
  9. Now I’m thinking the two gulls in the second pic are LBBG, and the first gull is a different bird.
  10. Merry Christmas everyone. I had this as Surf Scoter, but looking closer at pics the white patch next to the bill has me questioning that. This lake has had White-winged and Surf reported in the past couple of weeks. I'm guessing this is a Ring-billed Gull hanging on to juvenile coloring a bit long. It seemed too close in size to the Lesser Black-backed Gull that was "near" it.
  11. Thanks for help. Pretty sure I found at least a second one. Top left and bottom right. White rump on the top left bird Bottom right bird has clean under tail and faint streaking and small poll.
  12. At least one Hoary Redpoll today was a Lifer for me. Lucked out on a flock of at least 130 Redpolls.
  13. Came across a large flock of Redpolls and tried to get pics of the frostiest of birds. Pretty sure this first one is a Hoary. Very light bird. Even more than the other ones below that stuck out as light. Thanks in advance for your time. I wonder about the bottom left bird due to the faint pink on breast, and streaking is fairly faint. The 4 across the middle for same as above (above bird is the far right one) Maybe too much streaking on undertail coverts, but the pink is very faint. Stuck out as awfully
  14. I use pishing and mob calls sparingly during migration, except during CBC. Then pishing and mob calls are done at any good habitat stops. Just enough to get them in and get looks and counts.
  15. A member of the MBRC was on site. I’m sure there will be dozens of eyes out today trying to find her. She flew off at 1545 and wasn’t located after that. So wings aren’t clipped. Nobody mentioned seeing bands when they flew. Hopefully that can be established with better pics today. Weather looks a little better today, but hard freeze starts tomorrow, so open water will start shrinking.
  16. Lifer #338 - assuming we don't find out it is an escapee - Smew
  17. Not sure I can top this one. Small 153 acre lake in Augusta, Michigan (Kalamazoo County). A female Smew 😲and a male Barrow's Goldeneye. https://ebird.org/checklist/S77849621
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