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  1. Same advice I gave my teenage nephew about politics, don't worry about what you call yourself or what you think others will call you.  Enjoy the birds how you want to enjoy them.  

    My advice is start up eBird as soon as you can.  You never know if you want to get in to lists, or chasing, or Top 100.  Hard to go back and catch up, if you eventually do.  Even if you don't the data is a great way to contribute to science.  

  2. County first Barrow's Goldeneye was found on open part of Kalamazoo River today.  I didn't even stop at this area earlier in the day to check. Drove right by it.  Thankfully another birder did happen to stop.  Second coastal bird found within this 4-5 mile stretch of the river in the past two weeks.  Likely the Gull Lake/Sherman Lake bird from Kalamazoo relocated.  


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  3. Sorry you can’t use ABA, but you can use Country.  

    I have a bunch of lists I track.  Mainly county though.  I’ve not done much state wise (20 birds more than my county list).  I like finding/seeing new stuff in the county and pushing our county up the list of counties in Michigan.  Last year I did a Big Yard so I kept an eye on my position in the state for yard lists.  

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  4. If you got to Target Species there is an option for species photographed.  Should give you a list for the area chosen that you don’t have a photo in eBird for.  

    Example you can go to ABA area and click on Target Species.



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  5. Black-legged Kittiwake!!  All I was looking for was waterfowl on the river to up my February numbers.  Almost didn't even stop.  Pulled in to a snow covered pull-off with my dog, and it flew by and landed where I was able to get decent looks at it.  Lesson learned, have the physical field guide with you.  I searched on 'Gull" in the Sibley app to rule out Little Gull.  The dark collar bothered me, so finally gave it a second look at home and flipped through the guide and said "Wait Kittiwake has a dark collar", then looked much closer at my pics.  


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  6. 10 minutes ago, Avery said:

    Definitely report this bird! I’m relieved I’m not alone in thinking that’s what it was 😅

    I reported it as a BOGU and thought "Cool a February BOGU is a first for the county".  Wasn't even thinking of this being a county first bird period!!!!  Lifer and pretty sure the rarest bird I have ever found.  I tried to post it for confirmation from the field, but couldn't remember by Whatbird password on my phone.  Wish I would have figured it out sooner so I could have got the word out.  

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