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  1. I am 29/32 Warbler, 16/17 Sparrows, and 32/32 Waterfowl (assuming this is Ducks, Geese, Swans).  92.3% of overall eBird reported birds.  There are around 27 birds I've found historical records for that aren't in eBird though.  

    Would need Connecticut Warbler, Louisiana Waterthrush and Kirtland's Warbler to catch up (also there are records of Prairie Warbler and Worm-eating not in eBird).  Need Lark Sparrow for Sparrows, which won't happen.  

  2. 1 hour ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    Wouldn't not reporting it at all do the same thing?

    Which raises the next question.

    Say I identify a bird in the field and also take a photo of it.  I list the bird and attach the photo.  An eBird reviewer says I've misidentified the bird, suggests a different ID, and you realize you were wrong.  Not only was the field ID wrong, and the bird ID'ed from a photo, but someone else did the identification.  Would you count that?

    Yes, but I know there was a reason for the 0.  Read it somewhere.  😄


    Not much different from posting photos here and getting the ID.  For the most part I think I know most of the birds I had to get help on.  Even though my life list is 339, I could look at it and say "Northern Goshawk, I didn't ID in the field.  I snapped pics and had to get help from there."  A few birds in San Diego were pointed out to me by the Tour Guides.  It is a humbling hobby.  But back to the eBird data.  The bird was there, and to me the important thing is identifying the correct bird and recording it.  

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  3. 1 hour ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    I don't recall ever reporting dead birds or ever using a zero.  If you enter zero for one rare species you don't see, where do you stop?  

    Customer: "Coffee, please, no cream."

    Waiter: "We're out of cream.  Is 'no milk' okay?"

    (And watch 'Ninotchka' the next time TCM runs it.)

    The zero for rare species is more specific to stakeout birds, as a way to let others know not seen.  

    I can’t even count how many arm chair birds I’ve found from looking at photos.  I saw the flock of gulls...and that Iceland was in it.  

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