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  1. I report that as an abieticola. Not the perfect specimen.
  2. I think I got both birds in one shot, although not the greatest side by side.
  3. Cannot guarantee those aren't not different birds. The third photo was taken on the 3rd, the others on the 4th. I assumed it was just me thinking there were some slight differences, or lighting involved.
  4. I like the April 1st checklists. Usually a respected birder, so you have to double-take on it. I fell for one a few years ago. I’ve forgotten the bird, but it was a doozy. Almost grabbed my stuff to run out there.
  5. One goal down. Yard bird #150. A single Common Redpoll at my feeders.
  6. I was thinking cismontanus, but I remember they usually have darker sides, not the buffy like this bird.
  7. Guessing this is an immature Snow Goose, as it is off for blue morph.
  8. Looks like the zombie monkey from Pirates of the Caribbean hanging upside down in that hole. Be careful there isn’t a raccoon in there next time you get close to check. 😄
  9. Red-tails will take Mourning Doves. If those are hanging around your feeder, it could be same bird.
  10. Thought it would be flyover Canada Geese, it was American Crow flyovers instead.
  11. What are your goals for birding in 2021? One more Yard Bird to get to 150 May try to beat my County high of 206 for the year Add two more County Lifers Hit Michigan Top 100, will take around 250 birds. Hoping for more trips to U.P.
  12. My experience with young Sandhills are they don't have that much brown on their neck and head. Head shape looks off. Sure looks a lot like the Sibley painting of Common Crane, but I have no experience with them, just lot of Sandhills.
  13. Slowest year for me yet, but still eventful. First report on eBird for Trumpeter Swan in the whole world for 2020. 4 new yard birds contributed to my biggest Yard Year - 132 species. Common Loon - very cool to hear calling from inside the house Bonaparte’s Gull flyover Blue-winged Warbler - my 23rd yard warbler Gray-cheeked Thrush 4 new county birds Whooping Crane - first county eBird record Common Redpoll - lifer, self-found Great Black-backed Gull - 3rd County record, self-found Hoary Redpoll - lifer 2nd County Record, as looks
  14. eBird says this is my Best Quality photo. I’m guessing it got featured at some point and that is why it got so many ratings.
  15. Focused on yard this year, so much less than normal.
  16. My Christmas present from the birds was a FOY House Sparrow to put me at 132 for the year. A day after that I went outside and thought I heard an Evening Grosbeak fly over, but with the HOSP hanging around I’m not going to count a lifer based on that brief call.
  17. Allegan or Oakland. Nice bird to find.
  18. I did the actual count of 984 Mallards - I only guessed at the 1000 Canada Geese. It was way too cold. Nearly doubled the previous high count of the County. It was an insane number. I'm sure I missed a few too. https://ebird.org/checklist/S78083799
  19. I think I had 5 pics in total. https://ebird.org/checklist/S21522600?forceLogin=true
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