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  1. On 1/5/2021 at 9:53 AM, DLecy said:

     Juncos are fun to study! 

    Yep, I have one with very clear "White-winged" like tips hanging around.  It doesn't look bigger than the others, but they are the most white I've seen on the Slate-coloreds around here.  It also has buffy wash mixed in with the grey on the flanks.  I'm assuming a first year bird hanging on to a little brown still.  Odd transition I've not seen before.  

  2. 9 hours ago, DLecy said:

    Are these all the same bird? The third bird looks different than the others to me and could have some SCJU characteristics with the hint of darker flanks and the darkness of the breast bleeding bit into the sides. It may be well within the range of an immature female ORJU, but you could always safely eBird it as Dark-eyed Junco, and not put it to ssp.


    Cannot guarantee those aren't not different birds.  The third photo was taken on the 3rd, the others on the 4th.  I assumed it was just me thinking there were some slight differences, or lighting involved.  

  3. Slowest year for me yet, but still eventful.

    First report on eBird for Trumpeter Swan in the whole world for 2020.  

    4 new yard birds contributed to my biggest Yard Year - 132 species.

    • Common Loon - very cool to hear calling from inside the house
    • Bonaparte’s Gull flyover
    • Blue-winged Warbler - my 23rd yard warbler
    • Gray-cheeked Thrush

    4 new county birds

    • Whooping Crane - first county eBird record
    • Common Redpoll - lifer, self-found
    • Great Black-backed Gull - 3rd County record, self-found
    • Hoary Redpoll - lifer 2nd County Record, as looks like other wasn’t confirmed (mine hasn’t on eBird yet).  Self-found.  This would top the list for the year.  

    Lifer and first state record Smew, if accepted.  

  4. My Christmas present from the birds was a FOY House Sparrow to put me at 132 for the year.  A day after that I went outside and thought I heard an Evening Grosbeak fly over, but with the HOSP hanging around I’m not going to count a lifer based on that brief call.  

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