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  1. 445. Golden-winged Warbler 446. Yellow-breasted Chat 447. Scaly-breasted Munia 448. Long-billed Curlew 449. Wilson's Plover 450. Black-bellied Plover
  2. click on the pic and open in a new tab (open in background on my iPad). Then you can copy the address and paste.
  3. Thought I might get shutout of county lifers this year, till I got the message this guy showed up.
  4. Evening Grosbeak - showing up all around me so far. Red-throated Loon is the unicorn for my county.
  5. Blue-winged Teal x Northern Shoveler _91A9594 by chipperatl2, on Flickr
  6. 755 https://www.balancethechaos.com/birds-of-na.html
  7. Baird’s would have wingtips extending beyond the tail.
  8. One of my favorite shots IMG_4900 by chipperatl2, on Flickr
  9. Short-tailed Weasel by chipperatl2, on Flickr Mink by chipperatl2, on Flickr _91A2073 by chipperatl2, on Flickr _91A9181 by chipperatl2, on Flickr
  10. You can merge locations together for “My Locations”. It moves all checklists.
  11. Blue-winged Warbler and a Gray-cheeked Thrush have pushed me to 149. Best Day, Month and Year were hit with what finally looked like. Spring migration day yesterday.
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