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  1. Thanks. I thought so with the thin streaking. Thank you for the other identifiers. B
  2. Sent to me by a friend in So. Cal this week. I love the 3 on the fence and seeing a new birder. I believe they are Coopers. Looking for confirmation or correction as it they might be sharp-shin.
  3. Thank's for the help. I was between the purple and cassin's. I appreciate the guidance. B
  4. After a 18 mile round trip hike with almost 5,000 feet vertical gain (and decent) I managed to get a few bird pics in. On the longer hikes I stopped bringing my good camera due to its weight. Both taken yesterday on the San Bernardino Peak trail at 9,000 feet for the first and 10,500 (right at the peak) for the second. 1) Clark's Nutcracker. Not great pictures but matches with the guide book and the call was unique 2 Purple Finch I think. Here is a video of the call of the Clark's Nutcracker (If I'm right) one flies in at the end that also helped me with the ID). It's my first uploaded video so I hope it works. Thanks for the help. B IMG_2970.MOV 2 Not sure: IMG_2970.MOV
  5. Thanks for the help and your feedback is interesting. I thought Tree for the first 2. I took them on the walk out. Then the last two of the Violet-green were from an elevated deck where I could get their top-side. That makes sense, even if it crushes my 3 sparrow day .
  6. Here is the final post, all from Big Bear Lake this weekend. This trip was special to me since it is where I started bird watching in 6th grade at North Shore Elementary school thanks to an elective class (in the Swallow post the schools is on the other side of the lake). 1) House Finch (pretty sure) but always hopping for a Purple or Cassin's 2) Probably House Sparrow, but acted very different. Not mellow and looking for fries. 3) Unknown Sparrow 4) Not sure, terrible shots. House Sparrow 5) and finally... Good Luck :) Not looking for an answer. Thank you for your help, reading, and looking. It was great to be back where I grew up in the 80's. Many changes, somethings the same. Also, at the base of the Castle Rocks I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. Even with all of the stopping to take bird pics :) B
  7. All taken in Big Bear Lake, Ca area this weekend. 1) I thought Junco, but not sure with the streaks. 2) Unknown Sparrow 3) Pewee? Fly-catcher? 4) 1 is a Western Blue Bird. The second one might be, not the same bird 5 Mountain Chickadee? One more post and I'll have them all! B
  8. 3rd post from this past weekend in Big Bear Lake, CA. 1) Pretty Sure Red-winged Blackbird, but more orange than red. 2) Same area, also red-winged? No red and didn't look like a female. 3) Possibly the same as #2 in flight 4) Brewers Black Bird? 5) Female Red-wing? With an unknown Sparrow in the foreground, probably a House Sparrow. Thanks for the help!
  9. In Big Bear Lake, CA. this past weekend. These are a few from the mountain hike. Trying to keep down to 5 species per post. Maybe 2 more to follow 1. Unsure, Ruby-crowned Kinglet? 2. Oregon Junco? 3. Not sure. 4. Song Sparrow? I'm not sure as it didn't look like the Song in my area. This one seemed smaller (all four same bird) and #5 Warbler? (all three shots same bird) Again, All help welcomed. A few more to come. B.
  10. Hello, Went up to the local mountains this weekend. Big Bear Lake, CA. and all taken in the last two days. I'll have few posts to follow with other species. I believe the first 2 are Tree Swallows, 2nd 2 are Cliff Swallows, and the last 2 are Violet-green Swallows. Woodpeckers: I think the first 3 (same bird) is a Hairy Woodpecker Not sure on this one, only get the back. Maybe a Hairy? All help, suggestions, and lessons much appreciated. B
  11. OK. Thank you for the confirmation. With two experts weighing in I appreciate the efforts. B
  12. Follow up from my earlier post. I've added 3 more pictures that might help. The reason I went with Olive-sided was the field guide said "always chooses most conspicuous perch available" and that was the case for this one. All taken yesterday in So. Cal. All help greatly appreciated. I may head out there again this week to see if I can get a clear shot. He game me enough chances (like 30 photos) I just was lame with the focus. B
  13. Thanks. Could be a Cassins. I didn't notice any yellow on the breast and it didn't act like other Cassins or Westerns in the area. I couldn't get a clear shot as my auto-focus was giving me trouble.
  14. Went out yesterday to continue to get miles in before my big hikes (only 7.5). I'm not sure if this is a swallow or a flycatcher. There were a lot of Northern Rough Wings in the area but it looks more like a Flycatcher, Olive-sided Flycatcher? All taken yesterday in Southern California. 2. This guy just wouldn't cooperate. I think it is a House Wren, but was more yellow. Thanks for your help. B
  15. The bill color through me off as well. They didn't look like House Finches, but were in the area of other House Finches.
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