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  1. Here are three I'm just checking my ID skills. 1) Next, Eurasian Collared- Dove (my ID) Lone Pine, CA 2) wood pecker in a Tree hole, difficult to ID. I'm guessing a Williamson's Sapsucker, I'll try for a better photo tomorrow. I believe this is a Song Sparrow. I base this on it looks like one and every time I think it is a new sparrow, it ends up being a song. White Mountains near the Owens Valley, CA. Next is a small raptor Mission Viejo, CA. Not a great photo, iPhone but I'm guessing Sharp-shinned. Looked smaller than a Coopers. Ne
  2. New area for me. All taken yesterday at Humbolt Bay. Thank you for any help! I'm really curious about the last one as it's size doesn't fit with any in my book #1 Small Unknown Sandpiper #2 Swallow (Violet-Green or Barn?) #3 Probably House Sparrow but looked differently. #3 #4 Unknown Sandpiper Number 2 #5 Cormorant I'm guessing Brandt's #6 Unknown Sparrow #7 Unknown Sandpiper #8 I think Turkey Vulture #9 I can't find anything in my book close to this one. Much taller then all other wading birds (smaller then Great Blue and Great Egret)
  3. Sorry, As I re-read my post I now know why I shouldn't post near midnight after a long day. All take at a Southern California Lake/pond last weekend. My real questions are 1) Confirming this is a Cliff Swallow: And on this one. Not as Orange, almost all black(Dark) and White. Im guessing Northern Rough-winged Swallow, but doesn't match the color. Looks like a Bank Swallow in color but doesn't match the tail pattern. Looks most like a Cave Swallow but doesn't match the region. I couldn't get a closer shot of this one so I might head back tomorrow. Any help appreciated.
  4. Out at a local pond with lots of swallows. The majority I believe are Cliff Swallows, but their were a few (far less) that were black and white I believe these are Bank Swallows, but I need to work on the pictures to be sure. Last weekend in Southern California Orange County. This one was clearly more white, I didn't notice any orange. I thought a Bank Swallow, but doesn't have the right tail. Could it be a Northern Rough-winged Swallow? Clearly whiter, but doesn't match the color. Any help appreciated.
  5. Thank you! I should have known the Say's Phoebe.
  6. Easter Sunday in Southern California. I'm not sure on this one. Difficult Raptor to ID, I know, but the only shots I got. Last one, I think is a female Western Bluebird. As always, Thanks for all of your help. I had a shot at some parrots, but not anywhere good enough to ID.
  7. Thanks, I should have known. Every time I see a sparrow that seems different than a House it ends up being a Song.
  8. Not sure. Taken in the Portland area in a river this weekend. May just be a House Sparrow, but seemed different in its pattern and behavior. Second picture difficult to see, didn't have the good camera, just an iPhone. Still trying to improve on my sparrow ID skills. Thanks for the help
  9. Great. While I was hoping for a new find, a House Finch it is. Thank you!
  10. Here is one I missed from my last post. Looks like a House Finch, but the song was unique to me. Thanks for your help. This was taken this February near Dana Point, CA.
  11. Here are seem identification attempts and some I'm not sure. All Corrects and comments welcome. All take February new Dana Point California 2019 Northern Mocking bird Unknown SparrowCa California Towhee Unknown Unknown Unknown California Thrasher? Allen's Hummingbird Unknown Unknown Sparrow Same as two up White crowned Sparrow
  12. Im not sure about these gulls mixed in with ring bills and western. There where Heermann's Gulls in a different group (mixed with Royal Terns) but this one doesn't look like a juvenile Heermann's from my ID book The 2nd one I'm unsure of. . Common or Pacific Loon? Willet? I think this was ID'd before but I'm having trouble making the match with my ID book 2nd gull unsure Thanks for your help.
  13. Thanks Yes, #6 is a bad photo and I just noticed the bill in the photo. I'll see if I can find it again this morning.
  14. All of these are from Coronado Beach, CA. Looking for confirmation, corrections, and help. Thanks for your efforts! For the Terns I'm guessing Royal I think the Gull is a Western Gull For the shore bird with the short bill, I'm not sure 2nd gull I think is a Ring-billed Some Warbler I'm guessing, difficult picture I know but if an expert out there can ID it, I;d be so impressed :) Juvenile Western
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