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  1. Got out this morning in southern California (orange county) with close to 80 degree weather. Saw a few, just wanted to check. I'm pretty sure these are all Yellow-rumbed Warblers. I Spice Finch, one of my favorite to see in this area. Had a nesting pair in my front yard one year. House finch This one was with the House Fiches, but looked different. I didn't get a great shot. All confirmations and corrections greatly appreciated. B
  2. Finally got out on the trail after a very hot summer. Southern California trails in Arroyo Canyon area. Thought this was a Towhee, but had a different behavior and after looking at the pictures I am unsure. Unknown I thought house sparrow, but the streaks on the breast don't match. Song Sparrow? Same bird, I thought a Fox Sparrow? Coopers: Terrible shots, just couldn't get a clear one. Warbler I'm guessing, Any help appreciated, but not hopeful Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks for the help and information.
  4. I saw this one yesterday at a local lake in Southern California. I can’t find a match in my books either domestic, exotic, or regular water fowl. He was with a domestic mallard and some Canadian geese. thank you for the help.
  5. This was taken by my father in law in Orange County ca this morning. I believe it is a European starling. Any help appreciated.
  6. Made it up to my old home town of Big Bear Lake last month. Just confirming a few and some identification help. 1. Killdeer 2. Pygmy Nuthatch? 3. White-headed Woodpecker 4. Mountain Chickadee 5. Unknown (Female Red-winged Blackbird?) There were many males in the area. 6. Unknown. (Sparrow?) As always, than you for the help!
  7. A friend sent this to me last week. The photos are too hard for me to tell and I have zero birding by ear skills. Any help greatly appreciated IMG_3937.MOV
  8. Saw this one (4 actually) at a school in Riverside CA this morning. I believe it is a Coopers.
  9. Thanks!! I was hoping for the Wrentit. I've not seen the Bushtit alone like this one. Bob
  10. Saw these two out yesterday afternoon. I believe the first is a Wrentit and the second I'm not sure. 1. 2. Flycatcher? Thank you fro the help! B
  11. Went out yesterday on a fishing trip and did some birding, of sorts. I missed an amazing albatross (fishing and taking pictures at the same time isn't easy) that had to be a Black-footed Albatross based on the color compared to the only other albatross in the area. Now, all difficult pictures as taking pictures from a moving boat in rough seas with a brother that won't slow down is also difficult. I think this is a Caspian Tern Unknown Gull The rest are shearwaters or Petrels. I tried to group them together when I took the pictures. Any help greatly appreciated. Group 1: Group 2: Group 3: This one looks like a Black-vented to me 4: 5.
  12. All taken a few weeks ago in Palm Springs: I think this is a Hooded Oriole Unknown raptor, I couldn't get close. I did get him flying away, but not a good picture and probable no help Thanks for any help! B
  13. Thank you Connor and Tony. You both are always so helpful!! Bob
  14. Just saw this one this morning near twin lakes. I tried searching on line but nothing. A tanager? There was a yellow head as well, I think same species (last photo). Female?Thanks for the help B
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