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  1. Thanks for your help, I'll check out the other forum for pictures.
  2. I'm pretty sure this is a Clark's Grebe. San Joaquin Marsh in Irvine, CA last weekend. Just trying to confirm
  3. Here is the second part of the trip. At first I thought these were three separate species of hummingbird, but as I look at the field guide I think they are all Anna's. The last one I believe is a Western King bird and I just like the last shot of the two pelican species (brown and white) and the cormorants Western Kingbird Parting Shot
  4. Just went the to San Joaquin Marsh in Irvine, CA this morning and am embarrassed it has taken me this long to find this place. Will come back in the winter for sure. Here are my better shots and my species based on my field guide. All correction and confirmations welcomed and greatly appreciated. Next post all humming birds 1) Here I believe is a Clark's Grebe 2) and a Western Grebe 3) Song Sparrow (95% sure) 4) Gray Fly Catcher (?) but the bill seems loo long so a Warbler but don't know. 5) Western King Bird 6) Ruddy Duck (I'm pretty sure) 7) Common Yellowthroat
  5. Here are two additional photos (not as good) of the hummer. I was going with Anna's due to the smaller bill.
  6. All taken last 2 weeks in Orange County, CA. The shore birds at Crystal Cove State Beach and the others O'Neil Regional Park Area. Crystal Cove: OK, For these two Gulls I think it is a Ring-Billed and a Western Gull. The leg color is throwing me off. Confirming this is a Willet I'm guessing Song Sparrow (Or House) because every time I think it is a new sparrow it ends up being a Song Sparrow. O'Neil Park Area: I believe this is a an Anna's And this one I don't know. I first thought Dark-Eyed Junco, but I always see those in a flock. Maybe a Any and all help greatly appreciated!
  7. This one was at the Cottonwood Lakes Basin in the Sierras in California last weekend. Thanks for the confirmation or correction. B
  8. Finished up my birding at Bulled Head City (Colorado River) this Labor weekend with a few new species. 99.9% on this one. White Face Ibis Eurasian Collard Dove Black Throated Gray Warbler Common Moorhen Now for the questions: Unsure on this one (next two photos) Unsure Kestral? Mallard or Mexican? As Always I appreciate all of your help! B
  9. These three are from the colorado river Bullhead City, AZ. I think they are two different species, I doubt a third but I forgot my ID book any help is appreciated. California Towhee? The Tern I think is a Royal and the raptor I'm 99% is a Kestrel. I think this is a Royal Tern: Newport Beach, CA American Kestrel Bullhead City
  10. Here are three I'm just checking my ID skills. 1) Next, Eurasian Collared- Dove (my ID) Lone Pine, CA 2) wood pecker in a Tree hole, difficult to ID. I'm guessing a Williamson's Sapsucker, I'll try for a better photo tomorrow. I believe this is a Song Sparrow. I base this on it looks like one and every time I think it is a new sparrow, it ends up being a song. White Mountains near the Owens Valley, CA. Next is a small raptor Mission Viejo, CA. Not a great photo, iPhone but I'm guessing Sharp-shinned. Looked smaller than a Coopers. Ne
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