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  1. Thanks!! I was hoping for the Wrentit. I've not seen the Bushtit alone like this one. Bob
  2. Saw these two out yesterday afternoon. I believe the first is a Wrentit and the second I'm not sure. 1. 2. Flycatcher? Thank you fro the help! B
  3. Went out yesterday on a fishing trip and did some birding, of sorts. I missed an amazing albatross (fishing and taking pictures at the same time isn't easy) that had to be a Black-footed Albatross based on the color compared to the only other albatross in the area. Now, all difficult pictures as taking pictures from a moving boat in rough seas with a brother that won't slow down is also difficult. I think this is a Caspian Tern Unknown Gull The rest are shearwaters or Petrels. I tried to group them together when I took the pictures. Any help greatly
  4. All taken a few weeks ago in Palm Springs: I think this is a Hooded Oriole Unknown raptor, I couldn't get close. I did get him flying away, but not a good picture and probable no help Thanks for any help! B
  5. Thank you Connor and Tony. You both are always so helpful!! Bob
  6. Just saw this one this morning near twin lakes. I tried searching on line but nothing. A tanager? There was a yellow head as well, I think same species (last photo). Female?Thanks for the help B
  7. Made it out to the Salton Sea last week. I knew all of the winter birds had left but was hoping for some migratory birds or new ones for me that are year round. The large gray falcon/raptor (same I saw last month) showed up but I couldn't get a shot off. Birding and driving can be difficult. I did see 5 or 6 Burrowing Owls which were much easier to find than the hours I spent for one last month. Here are a few I'm confirming identifications: Gambel's Quail White-crowned Sparrow I think these are all Spotted Sandpipers: Thanks f
  8. Thank you. I should have stayed with my first identification. A new one for me! B
  9. Just saw this group this morning in Palm Desert, CA area. At first I thought it was a Cinnamon Teal, but after zooming in the photos looks more Redhead or Canvasback. I did not bring my ID book so I'm not sure. All help and suggestions welcomed. Thank you!
  10. Palm Springs last weekend. I think it is a Ross's
  11. Here are a few I'd like to confirm and/or check; This one was in Laguna Beach last week. I think it is a Nashville Warbler Palm Springs area last weekend: Ladder-backed Woodpecker Yellow-rumped Warbler Rancho Santa Margarita Lake, Double-crested Cormorant Thanks for your time and help!
  12. I'm pretty sure these are all Anna's: Orange County last week: Palm Springs last weekend: Also, Palm Springs last weekend: And a bonus Spotted Sandpiper (I think) Thanks for your help!
  13. Nice, I used to live on Top of the World drive (room rental in college, not wealthy :) and could see the old house from that park. I will be back there as I heard there are Northern Harriers there and I just can't find that one.
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