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  1. All these taken last week near Palm Desert, Pushwall Palms trail and the Cochella Nature Preserve. 

    1) Hooded Oriole


    2) Not great photos, but after the thrashing my legs got in these extremely thorny bushes, I had to post.  Yellow-rumped Warbler?


    3) Same- bad photos, bleeding legs.  Black-tailed Gnatcatcher?



    4) Say's Phoebe?


    5) House Sparrow?


    This next one is actually from the Salton Sea, but I still think it is house Sparrow. 


    Last one, also Salton Sea and one of my favorites.  Burrowing Owl




  2. Finally made back out to the Salton Sea last week (and got home to download my pictures).  These ones are all taken at the Sonny Bono Preserve in the southern part of the lake.  Checking on some identifications, others need help 


    1) Common Ground-Dove


    2) Also Common Ground-Dove?



    3) No Idea,


    4) Townsend's Warbler?


    5) Gnat Catcher?


    Thanks for the help, Next up- Shore birds


  3. No pic, sorry


    not a black-necked stilt. 

    I should have circled back for the picture. I thought magpie for sure until I looked at the distribution maps

    Pin-tailed whydah Looks like it  thanks IKLland  not enough data for me to confirm, it is actually the second time I saw this one.  My family can tolerate my bird watching so much and a U-Turn to get the shot might have made me a permanent resident of the Salton Sea  

    actual location was a few miles south of the Sonny Bono nature preserve in the agricultural fields  


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  4. Hello,

    I have a lot of pictures to go through, but I know I missed this one. Black and and white and looked like a magpie (black or yellow billed, unsure). When I did my research, I can’t see where there range covers the Salton Sea. 

    any ideas?  I can’t find any other bird that would match

    thanks!  Other Picts to come  




  5. Saw this guy on a morning walk this past weekend in play Springs.  Lots of Yellow-rumped warblers in the area, but this one looked different with the yellow face.  Sorry i did not get a clear shot.  

    Made a hike out to the Coachella nature preserve, but the late start and rising temps left just me and the ravens.



    Bonus shot:  Of course the Coot cooperated, but the others didn't.  Is that a Pied-billed grebe in the back?  No clue on the ducks. Lots of wigeons around, but none looked like these.   A teal?  




  6. Two new ones for me from last weekend in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Weird posting this 2,500 miles away in Palm Springs and a 107 degree temperature difference (headed to Joshua Tree next two days to see what I can find).  

    I do not have my ID book but I'm guessing a Black-capped Chickadee and a Downy Woodpecker 



    As always, I appreciate your help.



  7. Got out yesterday in Southern California before the rain.  I believe the first is a Cactus Wren.  Oddly enough, it hoped into a cactus and a different bird popped out.  I'm not sure since I thought I was following a Cactus Wren.  Bird went into a Pepper Tree and out came a Scrub Jay.  A Christmas Miracle.  

    The last one I think is a Red-tailed Hawk from a week earlier.  

    Thank you for all your help.  Salton Sea next week so looking for a lot of new species!

    Cactus Wren, I think 


    2nd bird, Northern Mockingbird?  didn't get a great shot. 


    Scrub Jay


    Red-Tailed Hawk?  Juvenile?





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  8. Got out this morning in southern California (orange county) with close to 80 degree weather.  Saw a few, just wanted to check.  

    I'm pretty sure these are all Yellow-rumbed Warblers. 


    Spice Finch,  one of my favorite to see in this area.  Had a nesting pair in my front yard one year. 


    House finch


    This one was with the House Fiches, but looked different.  I didn't get a great shot.


    All confirmations and corrections greatly appreciated. 



  9. Finally got out on the trail after a very hot summer.  Southern California trails in Arroyo Canyon area.  

    Thought this was a Towhee, but had a different behavior and after looking at the pictures I am unsure.  


    Unknown I thought house sparrow, but the streaks on the breast don't match.  Song Sparrow?


    Same bird, I thought a Fox Sparrow?  




    Terrible shots, just couldn't get a clear one.  Warbler I'm guessing,  Any help appreciated, but not hopeful


    Thanks for your help!



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