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  1. This was taken by my father in law in Orange County ca this morning. I believe it is a European starling. Any help appreciated.
  2. Made it up to my old home town of Big Bear Lake last month. Just confirming a few and some identification help. 1. Killdeer 2. Pygmy Nuthatch? 3. White-headed Woodpecker 4. Mountain Chickadee 5. Unknown (Female Red-winged Blackbird?) There were many males in the area. 6. Unknown. (Sparrow?) As always, than you for the help!
  3. A friend sent this to me last week. The photos are too hard for me to tell and I have zero birding by ear skills. Any help greatly appreciated IMG_3937.MOV
  4. Saw this one (4 actually) at a school in Riverside CA this morning. I believe it is a Coopers.
  5. Thanks!! I was hoping for the Wrentit. I've not seen the Bushtit alone like this one. Bob
  6. Saw these two out yesterday afternoon. I believe the first is a Wrentit and the second I'm not sure. 1. 2. Flycatcher? Thank you fro the help! B
  7. Went out yesterday on a fishing trip and did some birding, of sorts. I missed an amazing albatross (fishing and taking pictures at the same time isn't easy) that had to be a Black-footed Albatross based on the color compared to the only other albatross in the area. Now, all difficult pictures as taking pictures from a moving boat in rough seas with a brother that won't slow down is also difficult. I think this is a Caspian Tern Unknown Gull The rest are shearwaters or Petrels. I tried to group them together when I took the pictures. Any help greatly appreciated. Group 1: Group 2: Group 3: This one looks like a Black-vented to me 4: 5.
  8. All taken a few weeks ago in Palm Springs: I think this is a Hooded Oriole Unknown raptor, I couldn't get close. I did get him flying away, but not a good picture and probable no help Thanks for any help! B
  9. Thank you Connor and Tony. You both are always so helpful!! Bob
  10. Just saw this one this morning near twin lakes. I tried searching on line but nothing. A tanager? There was a yellow head as well, I think same species (last photo). Female?Thanks for the help B
  11. Made it out to the Salton Sea last week. I knew all of the winter birds had left but was hoping for some migratory birds or new ones for me that are year round. The large gray falcon/raptor (same I saw last month) showed up but I couldn't get a shot off. Birding and driving can be difficult. I did see 5 or 6 Burrowing Owls which were much easier to find than the hours I spent for one last month. Here are a few I'm confirming identifications: Gambel's Quail White-crowned Sparrow I think these are all Spotted Sandpipers: Thanks for all your help!
  12. Thank you. I should have stayed with my first identification. A new one for me! B
  13. Just saw this group this morning in Palm Desert, CA area. At first I thought it was a Cinnamon Teal, but after zooming in the photos looks more Redhead or Canvasback. I did not bring my ID book so I'm not sure. All help and suggestions welcomed. Thank you!
  14. Palm Springs last weekend. I think it is a Ross's
  15. Here are a few I'd like to confirm and/or check; This one was in Laguna Beach last week. I think it is a Nashville Warbler Palm Springs area last weekend: Ladder-backed Woodpecker Yellow-rumped Warbler Rancho Santa Margarita Lake, Double-crested Cormorant Thanks for your time and help!
  16. I'm pretty sure these are all Anna's: Orange County last week: Palm Springs last weekend: Also, Palm Springs last weekend: And a bonus Spotted Sandpiper (I think) Thanks for your help!
  17. Nice, I used to live on Top of the World drive (room rental in college, not wealthy :) and could see the old house from that park. I will be back there as I heard there are Northern Harriers there and I just can't find that one.
  18. HI Connor, I was there Friday so we just missed each other. B
  19. I'm not sure what this on is. Taken last weekend at Moulton Meadows Park in Laguna Beach, CA 2. This one I'm pretty sure is a White-crowned Sparrow.
  20. Got out to the Salton Sea this weekend and picked up a few new species. Looking for confirmation on a few. 1. American Avocet 2. Wilson's Snipe 3. I think these are all Northern Shovelers And the target species. I heard you can find these all over the place along all of the roads, maybe for others. After several hours this was my only Burrowing Owl, but so happy to finally see one although he doesn't look happy to see me :) All confirmations and corrections greatly appreciated.
  21. This one was in a friend on mine's back yard. Yesterday in orange county, CA. I think it is a juvenile red-tailed, but checking with the experts. Thanks, IMG_8613.pdf
  22. Yes, I've been here since 1990 minus a 3 year stay in Japan. Lots of birding options and then fairly short drives for mountains and desert environments as you know. The Hermit Thrush is a first for me! and all during a work call.
  23. Just saw this one this morning in Orange County, CA. An advantage of remote work! I believe it is a Hermit Thrush and an Allan's Hummingbird. Thanks for the help and happy new year! Bob
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