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  1. I'm pretty sure these are all Anna's: Orange County last week: Palm Springs last weekend: Also, Palm Springs last weekend: And a bonus Spotted Sandpiper (I think) Thanks for your help!
  2. Nice, I used to live on Top of the World drive (room rental in college, not wealthy :) and could see the old house from that park. I will be back there as I heard there are Northern Harriers there and I just can't find that one.
  3. HI Connor, I was there Friday so we just missed each other. B
  4. I'm not sure what this on is. Taken last weekend at Moulton Meadows Park in Laguna Beach, CA 2. This one I'm pretty sure is a White-crowned Sparrow.
  5. Got out to the Salton Sea this weekend and picked up a few new species. Looking for confirmation on a few. 1. American Avocet 2. Wilson's Snipe 3. I think these are all Northern Shovelers And the target species. I heard you can find these all over the place along all of the roads, maybe for others. After several hours this was my only Burrowing Owl, but so happy to finally see one although he doesn't look happy to see me :) All confirmations and corrections greatly appreciated.
  6. This one was in a friend on mine's back yard. Yesterday in orange county, CA. I think it is a juvenile red-tailed, but checking with the experts. Thanks, IMG_8613.pdf
  7. Yes, I've been here since 1990 minus a 3 year stay in Japan. Lots of birding options and then fairly short drives for mountains and desert environments as you know. The Hermit Thrush is a first for me! and all during a work call.
  8. Just saw this one this morning in Orange County, CA. An advantage of remote work! I believe it is a Hermit Thrush and an Allan's Hummingbird. Thanks for the help and happy new year! Bob
  9. Thank you! I'm finely making some progress in identifying. B
  10. I was out at Rancho Santa Margarita Lake (don't let the word 'Lake' fool you. It is a paved full walk around with about 1 mile circumference) yesterday. I got a few shots of some I wanted to confirm their ID. Hooded Merganser (My first female) 1. 2. 3. I'm guessing House Sparrows 4. House Sparrow 5. Yellow-rumped Warbler. 6. Different bird, but I think Yellow-rumped as well. 7. Same bird in 6 8-11. I think are Townsend's Warbler (1st thought Magnolia, but Townsend's looks more like it) 8. 9. 8. 10 11 12. Spotted Sandpiper Thanks for your help!
  11. Taken yesterday in Southern California, I thought Clay-colored, Chipping, or White-crowned. After looking at it closer I believe it is a White-crowned based no the color of the bill. Different bird, same area. Thank you for all your help and advice!
  12. Thank you Tony. I really appreciate the information. B
  13. Thanks for the help. I was thinking they were all Black Throated so I didn't get many pictures. Here are all of the ones with the Sage/Bells and what I thought was a Song Sparrow. And another bird I thought was a Song Sparrow
  14. Here are a few more from this weekend. I think these are Black-Throated Sparrows, and from my experience the angriest of the Sparrows. 1. 2. This one I'm not sure about, possible a juvenile Black Throated 3. 4. 5. American Wigeons and a Coot 6. American Wigeon 7. I appreciate everyone's help!
  15. Was Out at the Colorado River this weekend (Bullhead city area). I believe I have these identified correctly, with one new species as the Cinnamon Teal continues to elude me. Tree Swallow (I thought Northern Rough Winged, but the tail looks like a Tree to me). 1. 2. This one could be a Rough Winged 3. Spotted Sandpiper 4. 5. I Think Spotted as well 6. Thank you for all help!
  16. Yes, I don't think I ever had such a clear picture, while I may not be the worst birder, I may be the worst photographer. I've never noticed the white eye-ring before. That threw me off.
  17. ???? No, I meant 'friend'. He was quite nice for posing with the woodpecker for me.
  18. I think it was the Audubon's subspecies. Looks different from the ones in Southern California.
  19. Here are a few I'd like confirmation on. All take last week in Marina, CA. Thank you for he help! Brandt's Cormorant three different birds, I think are Say's Phoebe I thought this was a Yellow-rumped Warbler in the field, now I'm not sure after looking at the photo.
  20. I was in Marina, CA this past weekend and think a I have a few new ones. I'll have a gull post later as I am not good at identifying gulls and want to spend more time trying to ID them myself. All help greatly appreciated. 1. Townsend's Warbler (I'm pretty sure). The habitat didn't match my book, but the picture and description do. 2. Snowy Plover 3. Downy Woodpecker 4. Downy and a Sparrow fiend 5. White Crowned Sparrow 6. Unknown Sparrow 7. Also unknown sparrows 8. Gold-crowned sparrow? 9. And a final unknown
  21. Taken last week. Thought I'd throw it out there, but the lighting was terrible and he wouldn't get any closer. All help greatly appreciated.
  22. That's why I got it right :) I shouldn't have add the question mark
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