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  1. Taken this afternoon in Southern California. I believe it is a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet. Sorry, iPhone was all I had
  2. Thanks, We do have Hooded Orioles in this area and I've seen on this same hike. B
  3. I set out to get a parrot and that is just what I did. All taken yesterday in Southern California on a beautiful evening in the woods/fields 1) Red-Crowned Parrot (99% sure) 2) Lesser Gold Finch 3) Red-Tailed Hawk, I think. It usually is. 4) At first I thought Western Tanager. Couldn't get a clean shot. 5) I thought lesser gold finch again, but looked different. 6) No idea So a successful day for my first parrot (at least a photo) and maybe some other new ones. Thank you for any and all help. B
  4. Bullhead City, AZ Colorado River this morning.
  5. Thanks. I meant to delete the Robin pictures as that was an easy one! B
  6. Went out yesterday to see if I could finally get an identifiable swallow picture. They are not easy for me to get. All take yesterday in Souther California. 1) Cliff Swallow (I think) 2, 3, 4) Unknown Swallow (If I had to guess I would go with a Tree Swallow for 2 and 3, and Cliff for 4 ) 5) Unknown Hummingbird (Probably an Anna's, but not sure. Looks a little like a Black-Chinned) 6) Towhee (California)? 7) Say's Phoebe ? California Thrasher (one of my favorites) Thanks for your help! B
  7. Thanks! and thank you for the identifiers, that really helps. B
  8. Taken this morning in Southern California. I'm not sure, looking in my book I'm between a Warbler or Vireo. But the White Eye Circle and all yellow breast isn't matching any in my guide book. Thanks for your help
  9. Thanks everyone! The Ash-Throated Flycatcher and Clay Colored are new for me! B
  10. Happy Easter, All taken in southern California. The Raptor was last week and the others were this morning. 1) I believe this is a Northern Harrier ( I think) 2) Looks like a Towhee, but different behavior. I couldn't get closer, best shots I could get. 3) I thought this was a new Sparrow, but the orange bill makes me think it is a White-Crowned 4) No clue, terrible shot Thought I send it out anyway
  11. Thanks. Now that I look at it, it is a Kingbird and most likely Western There are Cassin's in the area as well, but I think Western is more likely.
  12. Not a great photo, he would not turn around. Take this morning in Orange County, CA I think it is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet as I know some are in the area. and just a shot of 9 friends that love our newly seeded lawn (at least the seeds). White-crowned Sparrows and House Finches I believe.
  13. Here are a few from the front yard. This morning in Southern California. 1. A sparrow I think. Lots of House Finches, House Sparrows, Song Sparrows, White-Crowned Sparrows, and Chipping Sparrows. I thought chipping sparrow, but doesn't match my ID book. Possibly a female of the ones I listed above. 2. Not a great shot, but I think a Western Blue Bird on the left and House Finch on the right Thanks for the help.
  14. All taken this morning at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands. Looking to confirm these and hope that is a blue wing teal for species 179! 1 Blue Wing Teal (in foreground) 2. Green Wing Teal 3. Brandt Goose 4. Unknown, Green wing teal? 5. Uncooperative pair, Ruddy? 6. Sanderlings? 7. Willet 8. Killdeer 9. and to kick off the day, a Yellow-rumped warbler, male pretty sure on this one now. Front yard, not the wetlands.
  15. All taken this morning in Orange County, CA. 1) Red-brested Sapsucker (I don't think Red-naped Sapsucker due to lacking white bars on back and overall red head) 2) Cedar Waxwing 3) Allen Hummingbird Thanks for your help. If the sapsucker is actually a sapsucker then it will be a new species for me. I was hoping for a Bohemian Waxwing but all the picture look like Cedars. Thank you for your help. B
  16. That is what I thought and also what I read in my identification book. Hummingbirds are difficult for me, even the males. Thank you for your help! B
  17. thank you. For number 2, are you saying a rufous/allen's hybrid or a rufous or allen's? B
  18. Both take last night in Southern California. Looking for confirmation as I think I've figured these two out. 1) Yellow-rumped Warbler. These always confuse me, but I think it is the male/female breeding/non-breeding that I struggled with. 2) Not as sure, but I believe it is a Calliope Hummingbird. wingtips reach tail, buffy below/sides. As always, thank you for your help! B
  19. Thank you for year help, as always!!! The swallow is a new one for me as well as the Green winged teal, the lesser scaup, and the ring necked. B
  20. Again, all taken last weekend at he Colorado River at Bullhead City, AZ. 1. Unknown Humming Bird, I'm guessing Anna's, but looks different than the Anna's I see in Southern California. First and second picture are the same bird, third is from a different day but I believe is the same species. 2. Hawk. Sharp-shinned? 3. Ring necked duck? 4. Unknown Duck 5. I'm not sure? Canvass Back? Ring necked? 6. Common Mergansers? 7. two Buffleheads to the right, Lesser Scaup on left? 8. Bufflehead to the right, Unknown middle two Scaup in front? 9. American Wigeon? 10. Not a great picture. I'm guessing America Wigeon and Green winged Teal. 11. And a rare sight the locals assured me, a Bald Eagle. That's it from this weekend at least for new species. Lots of Osprey, cormorants, Alberts Towhee. Possibly other duck species, but difficult to get with out a boat or a better lens. Thanks for your help and expertise B
  21. All ake last weekend in Bullhead City, AZ on the Colorado River. I'll have a few posts since there are a lot of photos. It was my first time there in the winter so many winter ducks. I'm starting with the ones I'm fairly confident on for confirmation. 1. Ring-necked Duck 2. American Wigeon 3. Lesser Scaup 4. Green Winged Teal 5. Common Merganser 6. Killdeer 7. Unknown Shorebird 8. Ring billed gull 9. Unknown Gull, probably ringed bill and maybe too far away to ID. 10. And a swallow that I'm unsure of thank you for all help. The next parts will have more unknown to me, I'm guessing winter plumage or immature. B '
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