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  1. Here are seem identification attempts and some I'm not sure. All Corrects and comments welcome. All take February new Dana Point California 2019 Northern Mocking bird Unknown SparrowCa California Towhee Unknown Unknown Unknown California Thrasher? Allen's Hummingbird Unknown Unknown Sparrow Same as two up White crowned Sparrow
  2. Im not sure about these gulls mixed in with ring bills and western. There where Heermann's Gulls in a different group (mixed with Royal Terns) but this one doesn't look like a juvenile Heermann's from my ID book The 2nd one I'm unsure of. . Common or Pacific Loon? Willet? I think this was ID'd before but I'm having trouble making the match with my ID book 2nd gull unsure Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks Yes, #6 is a bad photo and I just noticed the bill in the photo. I'll see if I can find it again this morning.
  4. All of these are from Coronado Beach, CA. Looking for confirmation, corrections, and help. Thanks for your efforts! For the Terns I'm guessing Royal I think the Gull is a Western Gull For the shore bird with the short bill, I'm not sure 2nd gull I think is a Ring-billed Some Warbler I'm guessing, difficult picture I know but if an expert out there can ID it, I;d be so impressed :) Juvenile Western
  5. Here are three I saw this morning on Coronado Beach. I believe 1 is a Sanderling, 2 is a Black Turnstone, and 3. is a sandpiper of some kind. I'm not good with those so any help is appreciated.
  6. I'm pretty sure this is a Cassin's Kingbird based on the info this site provided with my last post. I'm still working on the differences between the Cassin's and Western Kingbirds. This was seen this this December in Southern California. Thanks for all help!
  7. Follow up question, How is the Cassin's different from a Western King Bird?
  8. Just seeing if I my ID on these three are correct. 1st two, Cedar Waxwing 2nd bird, Gold Finch (Least) 3rd Song Sparrow Thanks for your help
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