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  1. I really appreciate the detailed explanation you gave! I've saved this to my computer to hopefully help me identify future birds as well.
  2. Yes, this is a young bird. Thank you for your thoughts.
  3. This bird was seen on December 21 of last year at Milavec Reservoir in Colorado (just southeast of Longmont, CO). It struck me as much larger than a Cooper's hawk- making me think/hope for Goshawk, but I am honestly terrible with Accipiters and would love a second opinion. Thank you in advance!
  4. Sorry that I posted the question and then didn't reply; work got very busy. Thank you so much for the explanation as well as for the ID!
  5. My aunt and uncle have had a family of these birds (2-3 juveniles and occasionally an adult) visiting their yard in Black Forest, CO for the last 2-3 weeks. They show up at some point most days. I got a brief look (sadly, without binoculars) the other day and am quite certain that they are too large to be Sharp-shinned. Am I looking at Cooper's Hawks or Northern Goshawks? The speckled back, uneven tail-bands, and appearance of a light-colored supercilium make me think Goshawks based on Sibley, but I am not sure and would love thoughts. Thanks! Photo 1 Photo 2
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