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  1. Thanks for all you help, Goldeneye it is.
  2. Saw these ducks on Waterton Lake, Alberta. Can anyone identify them please. Sorry, could not get a close up photo, was in a kayak.
  3. Thank you all, that was my second choice.. guess I should have mentioned that, sorry.
  4. This looks like a Townsend's Solitaire but it's not big enough, it's about the size of a sparrow. Any ideas please? Located 22km se of Cardston, Alberta
  5. It's possible as we did see one alone yesterday. We don't see them here often.
  6. Our Great Horned Owls have been busy hunting food for their 2 owlets. Yesterday we found this wing feathers and wondered if anyone knows what bird it comes from please. We are 22km south east of Cardston Alberta on hwg 501.
  7. Hi, is this a Clay-colored Sparrow? He was a little smaller than a common sparrow. My first sighting of one of these little fellows. Located 22km south east of Cardston, Alberta.
  8. It's too early here for youngsters. Birds haven't started nesting yet. Only Great Horned Owl (we have 2 chicks) and Killdeer.
  9. Wow, i never would have guessed that, they are SO different from the males and we have lots of them.
  10. Is this a Northern Waterthrush? There were 5 or 6. I have never seen one of these before. Located 22km south east of Cardston Alberta at US border.
  11. I wondered but I didn't think the beak was right. Is it a female?
  12. Am I correct to assume this is a Black-headed Grosbeak?
  13. Not sure what this robin sized bird is.. can anyone help? Location: 22km south east of Cardston, Alberta. Just having a spring snow storm.
  14. Thanks. This morning I saw our 1st robin! Our Great Horned Owls are mating, soon to be nesting as they do every year.
  15. I too have seen a few house finches over the years, usually in March so they do migrate early. http://lifeon12acres.com/birds/house-finch (my blog).
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