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  1. Sighted earlier this morning in forest edge near feeder area outside of State College, Pa. Trying to "force" this one as an immature pine warbler.
  2. thanks all. Have adult chipping sparrows here as well.
  3. No coffee yet. Welcome thought on this sparrow. Solitary bird at feeder area adjacent to wood area near State College, Pa. First thought was Lincoln's sparrow.
  4. Thanks, my barely legible notes suggest the same (immature nightingale-thrush)
  5. Many thanks. Was thrilled to see this one this morning.
  6. Feeding on holly berries in yard outside State College, Pa. Minutes ago.
  7. Wife and I had fun working on this one. Suspected house finch but... Thanks
  8. Seen this morning in feeder near woods edge in yard outside of State College, Pa
  9. Wonderful. We were leaning towards the Scarlet Tanager. Ah, a juvenile towhee. Just saw another one a few minutes ago but was more like an adult female so there... gained a new appreciation of this interesting bird here in central Pa. Thanks again
  10. This week at backyard outside of State College.
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