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  1. Many thanks. Was thrilled to see this one this morning.
  2. Feeding on holly berries in yard outside State College, Pa. Minutes ago.
  3. Wife and I had fun working on this one. Suspected house finch but... Thanks
  4. Seen this morning in feeder near woods edge in yard outside of State College, Pa
  5. Wonderful. We were leaning towards the Scarlet Tanager. Ah, a juvenile towhee. Just saw another one a few minutes ago but was more like an adult female so there... gained a new appreciation of this interesting bird here in central Pa. Thanks again
  6. This week at backyard outside of State College.
  7. Maybe these pics will help. Understand the two species are difficult to separate.
  8. Could very well be. I was torn between the two. In either case, first time sighting for the wife and I. Thanks
  9. Single bird at backyard feeder today. Near State College, central Pa.
  10. ya, could have fooled me. Plenty of red tail in the area. Thanks
  11. Photo taken today outside of State College, Pa after heavy rains and through a wet windshield.
  12. Many thanks. A new bird for us. Enjoyed watching it swoop around for insects in the open yard.
  13. This evening foraging from trees in yard outside of State College, Pa.
  14. Thanks all. Usually I don't post such pics but this little guy really got to me,
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