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  1. Many thanks. A new bird for us. Enjoyed watching it swoop around for insects in the open yard.
  2. This evening foraging from trees in yard outside of State College, Pa.
  3. Thanks all. Usually I don't post such pics but this little guy really got to me,
  4. Sorry for lousy picture but maybe this is a male redstart? Central Pa.
  5. thanks Kevin. Don't ever recall seeing this one while in East Africa. Understand it has a limited range (mostly parts of the Serengeti and across the border into Kenya. Saw it while in WDW and took a pic but somehow such got lost in the file. Yes, a volunteer guide was there and yes id poster undoubtedly had it included. Too much going on with considerable non-birding guests constantly moving through. Now I know and have a great picture to boot. Thanks again.
  6. Need help. Picture taken in africa aviary at WDW, Fla. Loving daughter had photo of same bird made into a "picture on glass" gift for us. Trying to identify. Thought maybe a southern africa species.
  7. Last week along main trail at Rachael Carson Reserve in se Maine. Best photo poor lighting sorry.
  8. Thanks. Did not trust myself. Need to have more confidence. Strange place for a woodie!
  9. What is this? In the ocean near the Thunder Hole in Acadia NP last week.
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