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  1. Picture taken today in Tacoma, WA Bird appeared to be much larger than the Sharp Shinned Hawks that frequent my backyard feeders. Picture at: https://pbase.com/image/170591474
  2. Dark blue on top, flashy green on throat. I took the picture in mid-October at Santa Rita Lodge (elevation 5000 ft) in Madera Canyon near Green Valley, AZ. Picture at: https://pbase.com/image/170544472
  3. I found this Hummer at Beatty's Guest House at 5800 ft elevation on May 1, near Hereford, AZ, just a few miles from the Mexican border. Picture at: https://pbase.com/alndonna/image/170536650
  4. I found this bird at the Sweetwater Wetlands in Tucson in early November Picture is at https://pbase.com/image/170533032
  5. Thanks, sorry I didn't notice that the very next picture I took was of a BB Plover, standing and identified.
  6. Seeen mid November along the Pacific Ocean at Monterey, CA Picture at https://pbase.com/image/170530345
  7. Taken early April at the Sacramento National Wildlife Reserve. Picture at: https://pbase.com/alndonna/image/170522727
  8. Thanks guys. Always nice to confirm a life bird. Al Clark
  9. A rock jetty into the Pacific Ocean protects a harbor at Ocean Shores, WA. It attracts 3 "rock-piper" species, Black Turnstones 60%, Surfbirds 30% and Rock Sandpipers 10%. But the last two look much the same. The Rock Sandpipers have a longer bill. My picture shows a longer bill. My picture is at: https://pbase.com/alndonna/image/170390298
  10. Taken mid October, along the banks of the Virgin River in St George, UT Find the photograph at: https://pbase.com/image/170007838
  11. Photo taken at Wilcox, AZ early May Picture at: https://pbase.com/image/169581518
  12. Taken mid-July near Oroville northeast Washington state. Picture at https://pbase.com/image/169522455
  13. Taken late June near Belfair, WA. Picture at: https://pbase.com/alndonna/image/169402738
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