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  1. Taken 09-Apr-2007, back when I first started birding-back then I labled it bank swallow. Taken somewhere in California. Al Clark
  2. Bad link Should have been: IMG_0291a swallow.jpg photo - Al Clark photos at pbase.com
  3. Picture at https://pbase.com/image/172656949
  4. Taken Tuesday, 5/31/2022 Picture at: https://pbase.com/image/172654189
  5. No wingbars Picture at https://pbase.com/image/172580382
  6. Seen mid May at Sierra Vista, AZ Picture is at https://pbase.com/image/172540571
  7. wife: Hubby, do you think my new dress makes me look fat? Hubby: NOO ! Autocorrect changed it to MOO Hubby is now in room 412 at Fircrest Hospital
  8. thanks Paulk and Peromyscus for the replies, good eyes on a fuzzy photo.
  9. Found near Mt. Vernon WA Picture may be found: https://pbase.com/alndonna/image/172468703
  10. Taken at Padilla Bay near Mt. Vernon, WA Picture may be found at: https://pbase.com/alndonna/image/172465200
  11. Picture is at https://pbase.com/image/172367713 A friend says that the yellow is just the lighting that makes the belly yellow, but there is no trace of yellow in the white shoulder patches.
  12. Federal Way, WA Picture at https://pbase.com/image/172327335
  13. Find picture at: https://pbase.com/alndonna/image/170816058 Taken at Levee Pond, Fife, WA in late June. Al Clark
  14. Find picture at: https://pbase.com/image/172303372 Taken at M street, Auburn, WA Al Clark
  15. They look so much alike. Taken mid-January. Find the picture at https://pbase.com/alndonna/image/172299648 Al Clark near Seattle
  16. Near Flagstaff, AZ at 6000 ft. Late October Picture at https://pbase.com/alndonna/image/171806924
  17. Taken mid May at Dumas Bay, Federal Way, WA Picture at: https://pbase.com/image/171763723
  18. Taken near Crystal Mountain, near Mt Rainier, Washington on May 23. Other birds seen at this location the past week: Western Wood Pewee Hammonds Flycatcher Pacific-Slope Flycatcher Gray Flycatcher Dusky Flycatcher Find my picture at: https://pbase.com/alndonna/image/171660985
  19. I went to the location in Kent, WA March 11 looking for a Say's Phoebe, unusual for Western Washington. The first picture I took is at https://pbase.com/image/171477508 Bill is too thick, wing bars not evident, head coloring wrong. There were many robins present, but bill wrong for robin. What is it?
  20. Taken early May near Phoenix, AZ Picture at https://pbase.com/image/171405233
  21. Another view https://pbase.com/image/171393404
  22. Taken in July at Mary Ann Creek, northern north-east Washington Picture at: https://pbase.com/alndonna/image/170903402
  23. Taken late October, near Phoenix Picture at: https://pbase.com/image/171359279
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