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  1. Several from Jekyll Island, GA last week. It looks like I almost crossed paths with @Birds are cool! Dunlin, Royal Tern, Green Heron on nest.
  2. I don't recognize anything...are we sure this is the Atlantic Flyway?
  3. I haven't played it, but I know @Liam has it.
  4. Kevin T. Karlson, one of the authors of The Shorebird Guide, says most birds can be identified in all plumages. Not that I can do it. He does have a good page with tips on some things to look for: https://www.kevintkarlson.com/dowitchers
  5. Oh, that's right, there were two. I saw the one at the Brickyard Ponds in Richmond County.
  6. Congrats! Not a bad shot for a creeper. They blend right in with the tree, and they never pause for long.
  7. I'm at 214 for the year. That's a little behind the previous 3 years. And I just hit 331 on my life-list, a Red-throated Loon. The loon, a county first, was found by Sam Murray, who was a member on Whatbird back in the day.
  8. I'm not sure if this fits with the thread, but I try to add coordinates if a bird is a little more rare. I've learned that from other birders and I find it helpful.
  9. Spam used to have a recipe on the can for a glaze--brown sugar mustard and vinegar. It's delish. Spam is also good cubed, fried and added to potato soup or made into gravy.
  10. I have three. All from Phinizy Swamp and Nature Park, Augusta, GA. I can't really remember taking this shot either. Whoever took it clearly over-cropped it! LOL
  11. Maybe you've been hacked! Check your other photos and make sure @Charlie Spencerdidn't "donate' some of his worst shots. I'm checking mine, too. ?
  12. My parents called them Little Green Herons. I thought maybe the "little" was part of an older name that has since been changed. But if that's the case, I couldn't find anything online.
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