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  1. I think Dowitchers are not completely impossible to ID at any time of year, although I am not capable of such. There are, however, several things that I think are helpful. Long-billed Dowitchers, if they are well fed, tend to have a bulky swallowed-a-grapefruit look. The front-heavy proportions contribute to a slightly more vertical resting posture. The photos below are of a male Long-billed Dowitcher, taken in April ‘20. It is thinner at the moment from lack of nourishment. Later it will bulk up. The bill is more uniformly thick over most of its length, whereas the bill of a Short-billed tends to taper a little more over most of its length. The prominent white under-eye crescent is a good mark for Long-billed. On Short-billed, there is usually little if any white showing. In addition to the eye placement geometry that @RCD posted, Short-billed tend to have a steeper forehead. Perhaps the article mentioned that. On my bird, the white edged barring on breast and flanks is diagnostic for Long-billed. Other plumages can be more difficult, but I think some experts can still spot helpful clues. In the second photo, the rusty barring on the tail is diagnostic for Long-billed. I hope this is helpful. I wish I knew these birds better. If there was a course on sorting out Dowitchers, I would take it. It should include time in the field and also in class. And there should always be a wall handy to bang your head against!
  2. Yes, hearing them is sometimes the only way to separate the two. But cool photo! Would you happen to have a closer shot of any of these, or maybe a cropped image that would still show detail?
  3. I tried it but it never loads any photos for me.
  4. I edited/added another photo and then it goofed up the text. These are a Green Heron and a Prothonotary Warbler from Sunday
  5. Bubba's Taxidermy was not off to good start!
  6. When Clifford held forth at the Log and Puddle, it was a certainty that the other patrons would soon be asleep.
  7. Sheila waved her wings in frustration. Apparently Mr. Smith didn't know about adding vodka to the feeder on cold mornings.
  8. "Is it just me, or do you smell offal?"
  9. "Melvin might have missed the fence post had he not been distracted by the sudden realization that the mythical Rabbit-headed Kite was not a myth!"
  10. Thanks! @Bird Brain would you do the honors, and put up something?
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