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  1. HamRHead

    Vesper Sparrow

    That might have been psweet. He hasn't been on in a month or so. But he is amazing at gulls and an all-around bird genius. There are other really sharp birders on here as well. If I start naming names I will inevitably leave somebody out.
  2. HamRHead

    Lark Sparrow

  3. HamRHead

    Share Your Best Photo of the Day

    Today--Lifer Western Kingbird
  4. HamRHead

    Vesper Sparrow

    Congrats on the lifer!
  5. HamRHead

    Vesper Sparrow

    Yes, the eyering really pops on these birds. Almost like it was borrowed from a Solitary Sandpiper. Beyond that, the fairly drab streaky appearance, face pattern, bill shape and color all look good for Vesper. Another mark not always seen, but visible in your photo is the rusty shoulder patch. For a lifer, definitely wait for a second opinion.
  6. HamRHead

    Vesper Sparrow

    Vesper confirmed.
  7. HamRHead

    Bathing Bird ID

    A good resource for warblers is The Warbler Guide. It is available in book or app form.
  8. HamRHead

    Bathing Bird ID

    Wet birds can be difficult or impossible to sort out. Here the bird in the first two photo is fairly legible. With the heavily streaked breast, fine, dark, slightly decurved bill, short wing bar/patch it is your Cape May. The bird in the second set of photos is more of a challenge but it still looks good for your Blackpoll. The orange feet of a Blackpoll aren't visible in these shots but that is a good mark to look for. The coloring looks good along with the fine streaking on the upper back. The bill is shorter and more blunt that on the Cape May.
  9. HamRHead


    Wow! And at first I thought you did it without using any paisley's but then I saw them. Are you going to add color?
  10. HamRHead


    Yes, the first is a Cape May, the second is a Backpoll.
  11. HamRHead

    Bird ID

    Cape May is probably also rare for your location and date. We have been having a few lingering Cape May Warblers here in Augusta Georgia, along with a few Blackpoll, Tennessee, and Black-throated Blue.
  12. HamRHead

    Bird ID

    This is a Cape May Warbler. It does bear some resemblance to the Blackpoll but the breast is more streaky and the face is a little different. Also no orange feet.
  13. HamRHead

    Bird ID

    Very nice shots! Welcome to Whatbird.
  14. HamRHead

    Pine Warbler?

    I agree with Yellow-rump Warbler for the second bird. I'm not sure about the first bird.