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  1. Just for my own education, if I play the buzzy trill of a Brewer's Sparrow and a Henslow's pops up, is the bird alarmed, or just curious? My Henslow's has never heard a Brewer's. And a related question- in general, does the Audubon bird call produce sounds that would alarm birds?
  2. Agreed. Pishing works well on sparrows, towhee (sparrow), chickadees, titmouse, kinglets, cardinals, wrens, common yellowthroat, mockingbird, thrasher, creeper and others. And the playback I have used or seen used it isn't much different than pishing--random chips, tics, or calls. Mostly for species that rarely or never occur and the area.
  3. I drove down a dirt road this morning and flushed a ton of Savannah Sparrows that were in the grass at the edge of the road. With every car that passes, these birds relocate temporarily and then come back. I don't think they are being harmed. Basically anytime you're walking or driving in or near sparrow habitat you will be flushing birds. Several people walking together is just a multiple of the effect. I may be missing something, but I don't think it should be a problem.
  4. Wow, Sooty I guess? Way different than our Georgia specimens. Nice!
  5. Congrats! I'm glad you found it! Awesome bird! Nice find on that hybrid duck, too!
  6. Yes, I hope it sticks and you get to see it. Gorgeous bird!
  7. Augusta, GA. This past Saturday, several birders found a first-ever for Georgia Couch's Kingbird while working their CBC route. Today it was relocated and I was fortunate enough to see it. Lifer!
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