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  1. Me either, but the icons on my home screen are permanently burned in, so I can drag the bird around and make the whole head pink or blue!
  2. On the base of the lower mandible only, to be specific. And yes, it is diagnostic for White-rumped Sandpiper.
  3. I believe it's a Varied Thrush. Edit: Sniped by Birding Boy!
  4. Yes, I'm on my phone. Also, I think your last suggestion was mentioned, but I did not understand it at the time. Now I think I got it. Thanks.
  5. I just noticed if you scroll to the bottom of Help Me Identify a North American Bird, there is a place to mark the forum as read. The same is true for Photo Sharing and Discussion, and Help Me Identify a Bird Outside North America. This is different than the menu in the three bars at the top of the page which marks entire site as read.
  6. Okay I'll check and see if I have any bad photos.
  7. Actually a warbler, but definitely thrush-like.
  8. American Redstart. Not that I've ever seen one on a power line
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