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  1. Tough to say but possibly Blue-gray Gnatcatcher for 1, 2, 4, and 5. Three looks more brown but that could be lighting.
  2. Oops, I meant do the Wood-Pewees overlap? I agree with Wood-Pewee and I'm pretty sure it has to be Western.
  3. Any other shots of the first bird? I agree with 2 and 3 including the hyphen. Undecided on bird 1.
  4. Whew, thanks. I was following this because the closest I could get, which wasn't really that close, was Great Kiskadee! The only Philly of my experience was not nearly this yellow. Nor did the face have this much contrast. @MerMaeve I'll "like" your reply tomorrow after my likes replenish.
  5. Would you mind posting some East-coast gulls for a change? Not that I could help with them either but they do seem slightly less complicated.
  6. I don't believe a juvenile would have the dark throat. I would say this is an adult male.
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