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  1. Otis had just spotted a fish when his wardrobe began to malfunction.
  2. Sandhill Crane from January 6. And a shout out to @Sean C--I thought I might have to pay you a visit to get a Sandhill. That was until this pair lowered their landing gears and dropped flaps a few miles from the house. I still might have to hit up Florida some day for a few other indigenous goodies.
  3. Just curious, can Cackling outpace Canadas?
  4. One was reported Dec 10 in McIntosh County Georgia--Altamaha WMA Georgia Rare Bird Facebook page...third post down https://m.facebook.com/groups/712300025490485
  5. That's what I was seeing, too. Although there may be branches contributing to, or detracting from the appearance. And great horned can look rusty. I'm not sure if that's seasonal or not.
  6. Haha, I think Mockingbird, but that does look pretty funny.
  7. I agree. Also, I have noticed that when shooting a photo sequence, at a distance especially, the same bird can morph around just a bit an appearance, either from something going on in the atmosphere or something inside the camera, or a combination thereof.
  8. I do not have any experience with Red-breasted but that was my thought, too, with that long, thin, upturned bill, which appears to be reddish orange.
  9. There were Redheads there so you're probably right. I'm not good with female redheads which, oddly enough, tend toward brunette.
  10. Thanks. I thought the female looked like a candidate, too. Do you think not? Either way, I guess I am reluctant to submit it based on this photo.
  11. Today. Augusta, GA. Probably a fools errand with this photo, but...
  12. Interesting divergence of thought here.
  13. Edit: Can't read this early. Thought I saw the location as North Carolina
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