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  1. Nice shot of Heloise! And welcome back. I enjoy your work.
  2. Bird art--Cedar Waxwing from the contest thread and a Northern Cardinal to go along with it. Acrylic on 5x7 Canvas.
  3. I rated a few. Where did you see the Dovekie?
  4. Yes! Good job! The white belly made me wonder if it might be a Bullock's but I have no experience with Bullock's and Baltimore would be far more likely by range.
  5. Bigger than Goldfinch and I'm not sure how often they fan out their tails like this.
  6. Haha, me too. Well, not the exact feeder pole, but one just like it. And ours is not a feeder pole, but rather a hanging flower pot pole.
  7. Cedar Waxwing? Hmm...scratch that...a little more widespread than half the country
  8. Good guess, but it was Great Blue Heron.
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