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  1. Today. Augusta, GA. I don't believe Neotropic has ever been reported in Georgia. But on four of these cormorants from today, I am noticing a white edge bordering the gular. I can't find examples of Double-crested showing white like this. I understand the gular is square on Double-crested and tapered on Neotropic, but I'm not actually sure which it is on these. Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks all, and I'm out of likes for now.
  3. On that note, I did not get an accipiter vibe in the field. But then it was mostly going away. Probably tough to call with these shots.
  4. Unfortunately, I did not notice that bird in the field.
  5. Location/habitat: Merry Brothers Brick Ponds--ponds of various sizes, including some very large bodies of water, divided by dikes/roads which are overgrown with bushes and tree's. I think I flushed the bird from a line of small trees. It flew over a pond reaching an altitude of roughly 30 feet before dropping back down into trees in the background. You aptly describe the flap and glide flight pattern. It was slower and heavier than a Sharp-shinned. And I agree they white showing is the undertail coverts rather than the rump.
  6. Today, Augusta, GA. Any suggestions on this bird of prey? Wild guesses welcome.
  7. Today, Augusta, GA. Ring-billed on the left and a different browner bird in each photo. Thanks.
  8. Oh, I thought you were apologizing for the bad photo . Actually, it's a pretty good photo.
  9. Apology accepted . And yes, Song Sparrow!
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