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  1. Nice checklist BTW. I love the Kestrel.
  2. Guesses 1 and 2 were Willet. Guess number three was also Willet. 😄
  3. @RobinHood for what it's worth I have never found a way to insert text between photos either, at least on the new forum. I could just fine on the old forum. I think the problem maybe due to the fact that on the old forum I was inserting photos from SmugMug. Now I'm inserting directly from my PC.
  4. I don't see a photo either. Goldfinch maybe?
  5. That might be a Swamp, but wait for someone with a better camera!
  6. Song, with the course streaking and heavy malar stripes.
  7. Thanks. I didn't realize it had been asked and answered. Amazing shots! I love how the focus tracks the bird in flight. I'm not actually in the market at the moment but I like to know what works. And I'll take a look at the Sony's.
  8. It sounds logical enough, but I'm convinced it doesn't always work out that way. More than once I have apparently used up my likes in the evening, only to learn about it the next morning. From that point I'm pretty sure it has, on more than one occasion, been more like 48 hours before I can like again. I'm starting to suspect there are demerits for trying to like something before you actually can.
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