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  1. Yes, Virginia Rail--small size, gray on face, white throat.
  2. The problem with muddy ponds is that legs are often discolored which tends to complicate things. I wish I could help with these but, for me, peeps can be tough even with good shots. Is this a place where you can get back to and try for more photos?
  3. Thanks you! I think I may have had one several years ago before I was paying as much attention, but this will be my first on eBird. I'll be back once my likes replenish.
  4. Today, Augusta, GA. I'm calling it a Northern but would appreciate confirmation. I discovered it because of the loud "chck" noise it was making, which I can't locate on iBird for either waterthrush.
  5. I'll second the Lesser Yellowlegs. And congrats on the lifers!
  6. 1. The pale crescents near the wingtips suggest Red-shouldered Hawk. 2. I'm thinking female Indigo Bunting.
  7. I agree, that is frustrating. I don't know how long it might take to get professional help on this forum. You might have better success at https://ibird.com/ where you can click on Support and then Contact. In the interval, below is what my screens look like: 1. Select state, for instance. Then tap "back". I had already selected shape. 2. Tap "Close". 3. See results And you are seeing something different?
  8. I agree with akiley, and the Golden (2) also has longer primaries extending past the tail.
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