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  1. With the extensive white on the undertail, I would say Glue-gray Gnatcatcher.
  2. First a disclaimer--I have no personal experience with either Black-bellied or Am. Golden. I think my Plover experience is limited to Semipalmated and Piping, and of course the ubiquitous Killdeer. With the fine print out of the way, the marks I see are the stout bill, clean white underparts, and short primary projection, which barely reaches past the tail. If you don't have enough bird guides, you may enjoy the The Shorebird Guide by Obrien, Crossley and Karlson.
  3. Nice. They often perch on power lines near open fields.
  4. If anyone is sycamore replies to this post, my advice is to just shrub it off.
  5. Thanks for the photo and comments. I need to get the NG guide.
  6. House looks right to me, too.
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