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  1. HamRHead

    what vulture?

    The photos aren't opening for me either.
  2. Today, Augusta, GA. Thanks.
  3. Today, Augusta, GA. It may be the same bird as Bird 2 from today, but I can say for sure.
  4. Today, Augusta, GA. Thanks.
  5. Today, Augusta, GA. Thanks.
  6. HamRHead

    Empidonax or Kinglet?

    Yes, Ruby-crowned Kinglet.
  7. I'm not overly certain but maybe a Red-eyed Vireo.
  8. HamRHead

    Sandpiper ID

    Ahh...maybe we are acquainted afterall. It does look good for Pectoral.
  9. HamRHead

    Sandpiper ID

    Here's a bump...I wish I could help with this but I can't quite reconcile the features with anything of my acquaintance.
  10. HamRHead


    Yes, Waterthrush. I think it is a Northern.
  11. HamRHead

    Help with I D of 2 birds.

    1. Pine Warbler 2. Northern Parula
  12. Yellow-rumped for the first two. Possibly Blackpoll for the third
  13. Yes, I'm using Android. I'll be happy to help if I can.